7 Characters We Want In The Next Super Smash Bros.

MMGN: It’s time to take a look at seven characters that would make the next Super Smash Bros. game a memorable advancement, no matter how unlikely it might be.

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versusALL2198d ago

Leon and Epic Mickey would be a great addiction but honestly . Goku would be seriously OVERPOWERED!!!!! He would kick ass!

Khordchange2197d ago

his special move would be sick kamehameHAAAAA

DarkHeroZX2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Goku isn't as bad as people think. I own the Archie and fleetway sonic comics, Sega made sonic broke as hell in that. I mean the dude comes back into existance from an Ultimate Nullifier blast, makes zero sense! I'm sure Goku can be nerfed wayy down for Brawl. I mean if they didn't nothing could hurt him

AWBrawler2197d ago

LOL at how America think's Goku is the deadliest anime character ever.

But Goku will never be in, because they made it clear, Videogame characters only, plus even if he was on there, Saki from Sin and Punishment as a playable character would balance him out, since he did fight a Whole Damn Planet and won!

DarkHeroZX2197d ago

Goku at best is maybe around Silver surfer level and thats a big maybe. He'd be high tier in DC THough AllStar Superman and beyond take him to the cleaners as well as any magic user or supreme being. Mid tier in both Archie Sonic and Marvel.(Archie sonic is based on Marvel Universe)

He'd beat all heroes on earth who lack magical abilites. But he also has to worry about beings with cosmic powers like Thanos, Galactus, TOAA, L.T, Eternity,etc for marvel and Super, Hyper, and Ultra Sonic; Super Shadow, Hyper Knuckles, Enerjak, Master Mogul, Titan tails, The Ancient Walkers, etc. for Sonic. SSJ4 Goku gets stomped easily. Its just your average DBZ fan only knows DBZ and thats it. I mean read sailor moon. They did stuff that only maybe vegetto at best can do with power scaling. Goku is awesome but he isn't all that.

Salamander2197d ago

Man like half the characyers in DBZ can destroy the earth in a minute it just takes like 30 episodes. Besides Piccolo is 10 times stronger than Goku.

AWBrawler2196d ago

I personally feel like Kira is deadlier than Goku and Luffy could possibly beat him using Haki. Also there are Gods in a lot of manga and anime. Powerful Gods like Pandora and Gilgamesh.

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HalfNerdHalfAmazing2197d ago

Peter Griffin that be a good character to add

Robertbishop2197d ago

The dude front sea Saturn nights in to dreams

coolman2292197d ago

I thought about reading this, but with Goku as the picture, I won't. Goku is manga/anime. He's NOT a game character. That's sort of a thing for Smash Bros. They have to be a video game character and they have to have been on a Nintendo console before.

DarkHeroZX2197d ago

DBZ has a ton of games lol. He may be a manga character but he could adapt to a game character as well. He adapted to a anime/cartoon character so why can't he work as a game character?

RBGD2197d ago

I know it may not happen but it's possible. The gameplay for Goku won't be to hard to create and downgrading him would be better if they did put him as a possible character. A great example of his gameplay is on a game called Super Smash Flash 2! His gameplay is perfect and not very OP.

Salamander2197d ago

How boutz they upgrade all the other characters... imagine mario turning super sayan, and then when he reaches Super Saiyan4 he turns into Donkey Kong.

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