Strategy Informer reviews Universe at War: Earth Assault

Petroglyph, encompassing many veterans of real-time strategy, has set their sights on the Universe but first they just couldn't resist raising a little trouble on our little blue and green planet.

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Charlie26883770d ago

To be honest I am VERY surprised with this game when you first start it might give you a VERY bad impression (the prologue) of some sort of a dated average RTS BUT once you get to the main campaign oh boy do things change for the good, each faction is VERY different from each other to the point it seems you are playing a different game and the incorporation of sort of boss battles (yes in a RTS) makes the game even better

even with some short comings (Camera problems and mixed bag in terms of graphics) its a pretty solid RTS I would gladly recommend to any old formula RTS fans

plus it has achievements (both 360 and PC version) if you are into that XD

Infernus3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

I've been following Petroglyph since they started work on Empire at War (Brill game btw) a few years back. This game seemed to me to be along the same lines of gameplay (hardpoints and galactic strategy gameplay etc) but all the reviews I've seen give it no higher than 8's.

So it's nice to see that some people rated it higher than that. It's also nice to hear that RTS fans like me can sink our teeth into UaW.

I'm currently awaiting it's arrival to my house. I got it cheap a little while ago :D