Skyrim Being Played on Vita via RemotePlay

Sony is very likely sitting on a gold mine with this Vita RemotePlay that techies are quickly figuring out unlocks a whole new set of capabilites for the Vita.

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Tonester9252224d ago

It looks like the PS Vita will be able to work the same way as a Wii U controller. So for third party games maybe developers would be able to make games on the PS3 that can also use the PS Vita for that extra dimension like the Wii U Controller.

Sanquine902224d ago

Hmm both the vita and Wii U:D I prefer my vita. However , for a sony fan i am really looking out to buy a Wii U :D zombie U rocks and pikmin 3 is amazing game :) And everybody loves mario ( it is a shame that they do not make the good ones like: Mario64 and Mario world 2 the six golden coins)

WeskerChildReborned2224d ago

Does remote play even work with Skyrim?

Sanquine902224d ago

This is a hack with remote play;) It does not work at the moment. Maybe sony could give us this

GribbleGrunger2224d ago

Sony won't give us remote play just yet. I'm sure devs would love it if Sony gave Vita owners less reason to buy Vita games. It will come in time, but not just yet

miyamoto2224d ago

LOL This ain't even a hack. This is completely legal app made via PS Mobile SDK. :-)

Tony-A2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Knowing Sony's usual shpeal on why they don't release things that are clearly possible on their platform, they would probably say that they're not gonna release an update for Remote Play that lets you do this until they can assure that they release it as a "quality feature"... or something like that.

I think they're still working on enhancing the Vita's ability to do this just a little bit more before we get an update that'll let you do this with any game.

That, or they're waiting to utilize the GaiKai deal for better-quality streaming!! :o

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kasasensei2224d ago

This is already possible with the psp since ages. Unfortunately, sony doesn't want it to be available for """security reasons""". This is a shame.

black9112224d ago

Thats what im asking. Can't the psp already do remote play unless this Is 3G remote play

CaptCalvin2224d ago

The game isn't played on Vita. It's being played on a PC with a Vita. Know the difference.

mxkite2224d ago

... no one is saying that the game is playing on the vita it is obviusly via remote

GribbleGrunger2224d ago

You know, there's Facebook on the Vita and on the PC version of Facebook you have Gaikai demos of PC games... now it wouldn't be a stretch to see those demos being made available via the Vita version of Facebook in the near future

CaptCalvin2224d ago

The headline says otherwise.

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