Ouya CEO: ‘We All Have Reputations On the Line’

Game|Life - Ouya, the fledgling Android-based videogame console, has drawn a great deal of attention with its astonishing Kickstarter success. In just three days it has raised over $4 million, making it the second-largest Kickstarter ever with a great chance of setting the all-time record.

With this dramatically increased attention came a level of extra scrutiny. While some industry watchers are quite impressed with Ouya, others are highly skeptical.

On Wednesday, I spoke with Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman and asked for her response to the common caveats: Ouya consoles don’t exist yet beyond a bare-board prototype, the controller isn’t finished, and Kickstarter’s rules mean that the project’s 32,000-plus backers have no guarantee that the console will ship at all.

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