Could Killing Used Games Kill the Gaming Industry?

As the next-generation of consoles approaches, some have speculated that console manufacturers such as Microsoft may have the power to create an industry without a used games market. Considering that developers and gamers both lose money when used games are sold by brick and mortar stores such as Gamestop, it might be in manufacturers’ best interests to consider implementing methods or options for used games to be unplayable on next-generation hardware. The implications of such an act, however, could send waves throughout an industry that is already suffering from economic difficulties, and whether such waves result in an increase in profits or a decrease in sales is a delicate consideration that must be made.

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TronEOL2192d ago

Not at all. It'd be an interesting and rough transition, but it would work out in the long run. Especially since Valve is most likely swimming in money with Steam, and it's digital only with no ability to re-sell games, or buy used.

Used games can probably disappear completely within the next 10 years (closer to the end part) and it wouldn't be missed. Since most will be full, or majority digital or cloud by then.

Kurt Russell2192d ago

It doesn't make it any less of a shame though. If your game gets less than 8/10 meta don't expect me to be spending £40 quid on it ;)

jessupj2192d ago

If they do this they need an option for renters.

I don't know why steam hasn't done that.

Ducky2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

... because for the price of renting the game, you can just buy it in a sale.
Other than that, there's demos.

Other digital retailers do or did allow renting in the past.

jessupj2191d ago

Not for me.

I live in Australia, so full retail is $110 and used is a little under that.

I pay $23 a month and on average would play 3 games to completion in a month.

But I guess if it's only like that in OZ then our tiny market isn't going to be catered to. /cry

Hicken2191d ago

Brazil's probably got it as bad. Their systems and games are even more unfairly priced. And I dunno what their used market is like, IF they have one.

gcolley2192d ago

if new games are cheaper it will balance out.

Hicken2191d ago

Not immediately, but it would definitely have an immediate impact. I can't count how many times someone has bought a brand new system, and taken home a half dozen used games to go with it. That obviously won't be happening if there's no used market.

Since there would be no used market to compete against, new game prices could skyrocket. And that's just the start of how bad things could get.

Ducky2191d ago (Edited 2191d ago )

Prices skyrocketting would depend on the demand.
I don't see how a used game market would prevent that.

Game launches at $60 -> Used game is for $50?
Game launches at $100 -> Use game is for $90?

Most publishers have already gotten around the used market with DLC anyways.

slugg2191d ago

At the complete mercy of publishers. Look how publishers treat developers (i.e. EA and 38 studios, basing bonuses on Metacritic, etc.)and ask yourself if you want to be at their mercy....