Joystiq: Obisidian goes obscene with South Park: The Stick of Truth

Joystiq: "The two sequences shown at the Comic-Con 2012 demo (one earlier in the game just after character creation, and the other about six levels in) worked, basically, for two reasons. The first one's simple: The game's funny. The whole thing's written by Stone and Parker, and some of the lines are pure gold. You play as the new kid in town, arriving in the middle of a city-wide fantasy LARP game, and when Cartman says that your coming 'was foretold by Coldwell Banker,' it's a solid joke."

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Summons752346d ago

Let's just hope Obsidian dosen't screw this game up like the do with everything else that they touch. I love South Park

Irishguy952346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Well lets see, they let Obsidian push the game back so they could finish it. Instead of Lucasarts and bethesda who have them a ridiculous amount of time to finish their RPGs. Seriously, Kotor 2 had a 12 month dev time, Obsidian wanted more time, Lucasarts wanted it out for Christmas, in comparison Kotor 1 had a 3 year dev time, with plans made an extra year before. New vegas was given a year and a half. Fallout 3 took 3 years to make again with an extrea year of planning before(planned while Oblivion was being made, sorta the same case as FF versus). And imo New vegas is still better than FO3.

Said this loads of times, Obsidian are the unluckiest ****ers in Video game industry. Do you know that because New vegas got a score of 84/100 instead of 85/100 on Metacritic, Obsidian lost 30 staff?

Also like to add, Obsidian the are the devs who created the fallout series, Fallout 1 and 2 are often regarded as the greatest RPGs ever made on alot of lists, or at least up their with Balders gate. The also made Neverwinter Nights. Look it up. Often regarded as the best writing in a video game. That is obsidians Legacy anyhow, they had rough patches though.

Yes dazzrazz, that's exactly my point. They had a crappy dev time, hardly enough to finish the game, let alone iron out glitches. Anyhow, if you can put up with the glitches, the game was just better for me. It had zero level/loot scaling(improvement on Bethesda games imo), way more quests, actual factions, a much better karma system, better combat, better upgrades, Much better companions than Bethesda games(including Skyrim). The game was better as an RPG imo, but not as an Exploration game. Play new vegas as a quest doer instead of Exploring, although you must explore to find the quests I suppose but the areas stick out well enough

dazzrazz2346d ago

I don't agree, bought New Vegas year after it was released and didn't finish it, simply I gave up after 25 hour gameplay save was freezing upon loading. In my opinion NV has way more glitches

Summons752346d ago

Could never start fallout new vegas, always got a game breaking bug before leaving the first house. All this defending but I didn't see one mention of Alpha Protocol, which was not only terrible but buggy as hell too. I hate obsidian games which is why I was severely let down when they got this game. This will be there last chance in my books

TedCruzsTaint2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

That's funny.

Everything said and done, they are probably one of the hardest working developers in the industry.

If you realized the strict schedules they are normally on when it comes to their games, you would, or at least should, see things differently

To put things into perspective, New Vegas was developed in about a third of the time, and with less of a budget than Fallout 3 was. It was a still a longer game, featuring more quests, and better writing across the board. And let's be honest here, it wasn't all that much buggier than Bethesda games on release. Can't forget that it was even Bethesda who handled Q&A and that particular title.

As the person before me stated, KOTOR 2 was developed in about a year. Not enough time for most any game, really. What they managed to put out was a buggy, yet extremely fleshed out and engaging roleplaying game with a large amount of content. It's biggest issue was it basically lacking a proper ending. Less to do with them, more to do with the time they were given. Not ideal, but the blame isn't only with them. And again, featured better writing and story than that of the first game. Same goes for when they developed Neverwinter Nights 2

Seems to me, even under restrictions that most larger developers aren't, they actually tend to put out better games than them. Just with a lack of polish reflective of said restrictions.

So yeah, let's not blame what is easily one of the most talented, hard working group of roleplaying developers out there. Let's blame the publishers who go to them due to Obsidian's efficiency, and the publisher's want for a quick follow-up in order to grab a buck.

If they were actually given the regular budget of the Bethesdas or the Biowares, then they would probably wipe the floor with them.

Moby-Royale2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Obisidian *snicker*

I really hope that somebody else got that. ;) lol

Anyway, I love the old school rpgs and I am looking forward to this release.

I found myself growing* tired of South Park years ago.

Then Matt and Trey did something new>> the feature Team America, and it rekindled my love for that type of humor.

I can see this game doing the same again.