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Mac is OK2044d ago

Not really surprising. The Gamecube was released on November 18th and the Wii on November 19th, both times a sunday. So chances are the Wii U will be released on sunday November 18th.

Dovahkiin2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Seems like logic worth sticking to, if so then it's perfect timing for Christmas.

Army_of_Darkness2043d ago

I remember when a nintendo console launch day happened, it was a nightmare for Sega! lol!
Oh how so much has changed...

lilbrat232043d ago

It doesn't really matter to me this system will not be a launch buy for me. It feels like a deja vu of the Wii so I won't be taking the bait on this system.

Jadedz2044d ago

They must of hired the same plummers as Ubisoft did.

Jadedz2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

It's a joke! :P (Ubisoft is known for leaking hardware or software information, earlier than it's suppose to be released - hence the plumber reference).

Sorry about the spelling (Too late to fix it).

MasterChief36242044d ago

Haha, I thought that was a great joke :)

2044d ago
GuyManDude2044d ago


Sega may have confirmed...

WTF is wrong with you? Are you that desperate?

chrispen92043d ago

They could have put "RUMOR" in front of the title too.

Durffen2043d ago

That's Valay for you. Trolling for hits. Didn't even use the original source, which would be the actual press release. Just made a post regarding some useless, irrelevant information in a press release.

Why does anyone even concern themselves with the release date? Nearly every home console is guaranteed to release in November. When we the last time that didn't happen, Dreamcast?

DlocDaBudSmoka2043d ago

last time i remember a console launching outside of november, was march 2007 when ps3 launched in europe.

Durffen2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

This is true, but the first overall release of a console is most likely November. Even the Dreamcasts first release was November 1998, in Japan.

Asthenos2044d ago

During the Ubisoft press conference when they were talking about the Assassins Creed III release being on Xbox, etc., and WiiU this October. So I personally have a feeling it might be then, unless there is a staggered release date between the main platforms and the WiiU

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The story is too old to be commented.