Destructoid: I can't beat Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Destructoid: "We were able to get some more hands-on time with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at a Namco Bandai event here at Comic Con, and after spending more than 30 minutes trying to beat the final boss and failing miserably every time, I finally decided to call it quits."

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baldulf1951d ago

Breaking news: main gaming site journalist has no clue about the games he reviews.

Tuxedo_Mask1951d ago

Give him a little credit. At least he admit's its his fault for not being very good at the game.

He had good things to say about it regardless, unlike that guy who panned Nier just because he didn't know where to go to catch a fish.

Lord_Sloth1951d ago

Oh shut it. I play Tekken and know how annoying their final bosses can be. I can tear the game up but once I get to Jinpachi or Azazel...It's all over for me.

He said the game was good and he enjoyed it so I fail to see your elitist logic.

XboxBoy1951d ago

"He said the game was good and he enjoyed it so I fail to see your elitist logic."

The way you talk is pathetic.

rezzah1951d ago

I beat both bosses with every character, sure some were far harder than the others.

Just keep going back to understand the movements of the bosses, then you can beat them.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1951d ago


I thought it was "Well Said"

1-UP *SMB MIDI CHIME* worthy.

irishyort1951d ago

I hope the last boss battle is stupidly hard even for the better players.

There's nothing quite like throwing the controller across the room and punching the tv.

Well except for the fact that i dont have a old tube tv that can handle a punch and hopefully its not on Vita cause that would be an expensive controller to chuck. But still bring on the frustration old school gaming anyday!

rezzah1951d ago

lol, thats why I don't buy fighting games for portable.

Especially a game like Tekken on my Vita, I swear I might snap it in half. Feels the same with a PS3 controller.

VTKC1951d ago

Bosses in fighting games always cheat in some way. Well done for being so persistant in trying for so long. I am guessing the Boss is the one called Unknown.