Edge Feature: Far Cry 2's Heart of Darkness via Edge writes: Far Cry exchanges lush tropical paradise for the red dirt and mosquitoes of central Africa. We catch up with the creative director, producer, and technical director of Ubisoft Montreal's true sequel to Crytek's open-world shooter.

"The original Far Cry is The Island Of Dr Moreau, a story of a mad scientist that has unlocked the inner savagery in man and created literal monsters," says Far Cry 2's creative director Clint Hocking. "But at the same time HG Wells was writing Moreau, Joseph Conrad was writing Heart Of Darkness, which actually has very similar themes. It's about someone in the jungle that has discovered and is leveraging man's inner madness, and become a metaphorical rather than literal monster. This is Far Cry 2."

Let's confirm something right now: "Don't expect mutants as some surprise later on," producer Louis-Pierre Pharand tells us.

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Cyrus3653803d ago

I'm definitely interested in this game, the trailer is just so damn nice looking.

mighty_douche3803d ago

Far Cry 2 is shaping up great. Hopefully they dont have to gimp the console versions to badly.

PC for me : )

Cyrus3653803d ago

Is it confirmed it's coming to consoles, and after seeing the PC requirements to run something like Assassins Creed, I'm wondering if 360/PS3 can do a good job running it, minus the insane resolution/high frame rates that PC can offer.

Iron Man 23803d ago

The original Far Cry was awesome,I'll be getting Far Cry 2 on either the PS3 or PC;)

Charlie26883803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Apart from the nice looking graphics I hardly find anything interesting in this game cuz I mean beyond the usual FPS promises and the usual promise of being "open-ended" that has hardly ever worked for the majority of FPS (see Boiling Point for a similar case) I sincerely cant be excited about it, I mean the game has NOTHING to do with Far Cry (beyond the fact Ubisoft hopes for a unaware gamer cash-in and instant recognition) it might as well be called Super Africa Shotting

So until they can show something proving that the game is something beyond your average FPS-fest we have had recently it will continue to the be that game with good graphics and the name Far Cry 2 for some arbitrary reason cuz lest be honest that is about the only things the game has at this point and if we remove the "Far Cry 2" part it might as well be one of the other numerous good looking FPS coming soon