Wii Live: No More Heroes Review

With the constant flood of casual mini game compilations on Wii, it is a relief to see a game like No More Heroes. Here is our review.

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wiizy3829d ago

yeah get this game and show support.. after all they want to make a sequel and are also producing fatal frame

Chubear3828d ago

It seems this game is getting reviews not for being actually great or good but to just bloster support for it so the wii has a chance of showing that it's not kiddy.

In all honesty, this game doesn't at all look like it's worth $50. $20 maybe but still not the oh-so-good game reviews seem to be desparatly pushing.

Eretik3828d ago

There are something except graphics in video games. Surprise! Surprise!
For example,
a) Gameplay. And today PS3 top titles suxx here
b) Style. You just will not undestand this term.
Play Uncharted, be happy. Or trash like Ratchet.

PS360WII3828d ago

This game is great and definitely worth full price. It has more style and character than most games out today and brings back retro and punk in a very nice way. The gameplay is top notch and boss fights are what it's all about. I even feel that the short-comings the reviewers give it were actually added by Suda just for the retro over-tone of the game. I've put in over 7 hours of gametime and I'm only rank 6 so plenty of game time available.

M_Prime3828d ago

lucky u get to play it. Though i'm concerned about the OVERWORLD.. is it as crap as everyone is saying?

Intrepid3828d ago

according to Chubear, 90% of reviewers are in cahoots with each other to catapult the Wii into success (more than it already is). Just... wow...

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