27 Nintendo games most in need of patching

"Scan your eyes down the list below and you'll see some of the classiest, most playable games on any format, ever. But nothing is perfect. Even games like GoldenEye, Zelda and Mario Kart could have benefited from an ever-so-slight (and in one or two cases, a more-than-slight) tweak. So meet the 27 games we think would have benefited from a gaming Elastoplast...", writes ComputerAndVideoGames.

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omarzy2345d ago

Why nerf pikachu's down B? Just grab the little mouse before the attack hits or side step, air dodge, and block? so many ways to defeat a move that has the lowest aoe in the whole game.

Xof2345d ago

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Remove that crap where every time you pick up an item the whole bloody description text appears, as though you're seeing it for the first time.

Every time.

Hated that.

But beyond that... I can't really think of anything. Nintendo's games are always very stable and well-crafted. That's kind of their thing.

PygmelionHunter2345d ago

Spirit Tracks suffers from the same :(

DivineAssault 2345d ago

That i agree... I effin HATED that.. Everytime i popped in the game it had to remind me what that item was.. Very annoying & time consuming

Knushwood Butt2345d ago

Patch Mario Sunshine - that was a bug fest.

Samus HD2345d ago

Mario Kart 7 need DLC too. It wouldn't hurt them if they add a little more Stages, karts (or even characters)

mamotte2345d ago

The concept of patch is very wrong in this article... but if there's something I agree with, is the search for the triforce in Wind Waker. Almost stopped playing the game for it being so tedious. Get the map? done. Use it to get the maps? done. Pay to tingle to know where all the pieces are? Done one time, two times, three times... out of rupees. Go to search. Four times... oh, not again. Then I played another game and came back three monts later to finish WW.

Why dont put'em all in an extra hard dungeon full of puzzles that made you use everything you get in the game and call it a day?

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