PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Cole and Jak Join the Fight

PS Blog: We hope everyone had a great time in San Diego at Comic-Con! The convention seems to get bigger every year (not sure how that’s possible), and this year was especially exciting for SuperBot since it gave us a chance to reveal the newest additions to the roster for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!

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Snookies121832d ago

Was there any doubt for those two? I want to hear some I wouldn't have guessed. :\

jujubee881832d ago

Look behind you.


Army_of_Darkness1832d ago

come on! I want cloud and Tifa!!

HarryMasonHerpderp1832d ago

I know what you mean but I'm just happy to see them confirmed.
There will be plenty more to join yet.

Chitown712911832d ago

Ill admit. I was not excited about this game before......but the more characters and levels they show the more I wanna place a pre-order.

Afterlife1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

They have to reveal them eventually, now rather than later.

We know who the very obvious reveals remaining are, Ratchet & Clank and Sackboy. I want these to be revealed next so the rest of the character reveals will be questionable and be a surprise except Snake because his reveal is already spoiled by Coles VA.

TheFinalEpisode1832d ago

So it's save to say you weren't shocked about Cole?

sonic9891832d ago

you like cloud right ( cool character )
your name your avatar
lol i wanted to say that ( just for fun ) thumbs up

sonic9891832d ago

maaan the supers for both of those characters look great i liked cole havoc tornado more than jaks's good eco ( jak 3 i guess )
i have no special request from super but to only make this game the best it can be without complaining until it ships and played ( i am sure its fantastic )
well it would be more perfect ( for me ) if they add sonic but even if he is not in i wont be bothered still awesome game up up super bots

sonic9891832d ago

wanna a surprise what if pepsi man was the final boss

sonic9891832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

check this

he was popular in the ps1 era no one ( in my childhood ) never played pepsi man he was cool with great attitude and always running lol the music were good too the game play was arcade style
if he is the final boss i think playstation old fans would get it ( i think )

Snookies121831d ago

Ohhhhhh shoot! I completely forgot about Pepsi Man until you said that haha!

HammadTheBeast1831d ago

He's such a badass. Remember the choir singing PEPSIMAAAAAN! at the beginning?

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GenHero1832d ago

Yes! my main man Cole is finally here! I hope there is an evil Cole costume.

R_aVe_N1832d ago

No doubt Cole is one of my favorite character this gen I am sure I will be playing him a lot.

capjacksparrow1832d ago

I hope there is an evil Cole character with a different moveset, nevermind a costume xD How awesome would that be?

InfamousBIG1832d ago

I am a huge Infamous fan as well really hope to see something like that or the DLC vamp version of Cole would be sweet!

AnimeRaven1832d ago

Yeah I would go for a evil version or the vamp version that would be pretty dang cool.

Reverent1832d ago

Alternate Cole costumes could very well be:

Neutral Cole
Good Cole
Evil Cole
Vampire Cole
Old Cole (From InFamous1)

HIGH hopes for a Kessler costume:)

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thehusbo1832d ago

The character rosters shaping up really nicely now. Just hoping to see crash, snake, sully and ratchet and clank now.

Outside_ofthe_Box1832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I'm glad Cole and Jak are confirmed.

I want to see Crash, Spyro, and Snake in order for me to rest at ease.

I'm not expecting, but I'm hoping to see Cloud, Sephiroth, and Sora.

Omar911832d ago (Edited 1832d ago )

I wasn't to excited on the announcement of that tekken guy and toro, but cole and jak is more like it! great characters and they each have a unique style which is what Ive been wanting for in this game for a while. Now I just need spyro, crash, Sir dan and ratchet and clank and Im golden

edit* and who could forget snake!

Reverent1832d ago

He's gunna be my main. No doubt about it.

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