Report – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer Class Info, Abilities, Support Actions and Weapons

MP1st - "Through trusted sources, we've been able to gather some detailed Medal of Honor: Warfighter info including class abilities, support actions and weapons."

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WeskerChildReborned2259d ago

Bout to pre order mine soon. I might get interested in FPS games again with Far Cry 3 and MOH warfighter.

310dodo2260d ago

fully paid off mines 2 weeks ago

I cant wait to see what Danger Close has in store for online

Criminal2260d ago

Unlike DICE, Danger Close had enough time to work on the multiplayer and the new engine, it looks really good.

Mister_V2260d ago

Damn it's shaping up. Looks really good. The audio seemed a bit lacking, however. Of course, this is only Alpha footage, it seems.

Nitrowolf22260d ago

didn't like the first new one, but this is looking promising.

WeskerChildReborned2259d ago

Never played the first one but i am looking forward to this cause it looks pretty good to me.

Hufandpuf2259d ago

Give the first one a rent for the single player, I swear, it's generic weasel popping but the structure of the story and the auenticity Danger Close put into the game really made me respect the people serving in the war. Especially at the end which made me emotional, something any other FPS Mae had yet to do. I had to stay through the credits.

PockyKing2259d ago

I really liked Medal of Honor's campaign. The story was your typical war drama, but just they way it was done in game was great. You actually "felt" like a squad that watched eatchothers backs. I really would like to see a game where your squad can be shot and killed, and they're gone with unscripted events. Ghost Recon sorta did that, but you could just pick a new member for the team. First dev to do that, will break the idc about my teammates trend going on.

topekomsi2259d ago

Awesome i love the classes, hope they don't make the sniper so OP like last MoH.