5 Ways Bioware Can Continue The Mass Effect Franchise

Since the recently released Mass Effect 3 is the final game featuring long time protagonist Commander Shepard, any new games going forward in the franchise will likely be somewhat separate from the main trilogy.

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Irishguy952342d ago

The could pull out anything really. Have another galaxy invade or some ****

Oh_Yeah2342d ago

open world mass effect :)

limewax2342d ago

surely that would be open galaxy instead?

Oh_Yeah2342d ago

yeah you know what i meant, free roam. ive been waiting for an open galaxy style space game, no ones pulled that off on consoles yet kinda makes me wonder why.

user54670072342d ago

I want Shepard back...I like the idea of keep importing my save data from ME1-3 and the outcomes of what I've done through choices impacting future games.

Nate-Dog2342d ago

Like the way all of our choices made such a big difference at the end of Mass Effect 3?

user54670072342d ago

I guess thats the only problem with a sequel...your always going to look back on that horrible, plothole filled ending.

I probably wouldn't buy ME4 on launch because of how poor they did with the trilogies ending and how much BS came out of Biowares mouth when it happened. they still think we wanted closure when there was more to it...they'll never admit they were in the wrong.

If they went with the Indoctrination Theory then things might of been differen't.

WeskerChildReborned2342d ago

Yea, so if Shepard died you would have to play as someone else.

user54670072342d ago

Well people got Shepard killed in the ME2 sucide mission...and they just couldn't import their character in ME3. Same thing would apply to ME4 I'm guessing

TekoIie2342d ago

The only thing that i would agree with shepard returning is (btw this could work) if with the remains of the reapers find ways to easily travel to other galaxies .

There we discover that the reapers were not just present in our galaxy (maybe they travelled to others to "save" more people since the dark energy threat is in every galaxy).

Im just trying to come up with something logical but when the trilogy was about galactic extinction you cant get much more intense than that with a new story. So new galaxy where some of the races we already know of begin to inhabit and more new races who (like in ME1) dont believe you. It would be interesting IMO but most likely not happen.

Godmars2902342d ago

After all the drama over ME3's ending, basic issues with plot development that's been there since ME1, I really don't care about further entries in the series. Especially if its basically going to be the same third person game.

If they had intended to make it a continuing series, they should have done something on a smaller score. Focused on one system or a group of systems.

Patriots_Pride2342d ago

1. Leave EA
2. Develop on PC and port to consoles
3. Make RPG the core element again (ME1)
4. Put 500 hrs into Skyrim and then start making ME4
5. Merge with CD Projekt

sjaakiejj2342d ago

Leave a company that gives them all the funding and freedom they want and need? Why would they be interested in doing that?

ChunkyLover532342d ago

Well they couldn't leave even if they wanted to. I'd say they get a lot of funding, but I kind of doubt they have all that much freedom. I highly doubt that if Bioware stayed independent of EA that Dragon Age 2 would have been so rushed and poorly done.

EA is a mixed bag when it comes to Bioware.

Patriots_Pride2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Sjaakiejj *fixed* go play ME1 and Dragon 1 and then come back and tell me how it compares to its sequels.

Yes they do have unlimited funding but they also have tight deadlines for game releases and EA has the final say on game content so regular gameplay is butchered to become DLC.

Edit: "We're not being forced to do anything or told to do anything. We make the decisions. We take input." of course they are going to say that, do you expect them to say the opposite.

As long as Bioware is under EA and after playing ME3 I will never buy another Bioware game and this is coming from a die hard fan who fell in love with gaming because of KotOR.

sjaakiejj2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


Can't really argue with Bioware's founders...

"We're not being forced to do anything or told to do anything. We make the decisions. We take input."

It's not that difficult to believe that Bioware made the decision to quickly put out Dragon Age 2, and even so it received favourable reviews from critics, so the game isn't quite as horrible as fans make it seem.

First off, if you can't spell a username, at least copy and paste it - not doing so makes you seem disrespectful and immature.

I played Mass Effect 1, and it was a good game. I played Mass Effect 2 and 3, and thought they were far better.

I played Dragon Age: Origins, and I loved it. I have the sequel, but haven't had the chance to play it yet. And no, EA does _not_ have the final say in game content - Bioware does. Otherwise the company would lose all its value to EA.

I mean, you do realize that EA bought Bioware for the content they produce, for their reputation, and for the creativity they show? Otherwise they would've just bought the IPs, which would've been far cheaper than the company itself.

sjaakiejj2342d ago

" of course they are going to say that, do you expect them to say the opposite. "
Ah yes, EA told them to say that. Lol, sorry but I can't take that seriously. In fact, I'm not even sure if it's legal for a company to tell its employees to lie - I don't think it is.

"As long as Bioware is under EA and after playing ME3 I will never buy another Bioware game"

Your loss - whilst you're doing that, I'll be enjoying whatever they cook up next along with Dragon Age 3.

BobDobbsJr2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

[i]Can't really argue with Bioware's founders...

"We're not being forced to do anything or told to do anything. We make the decisions. We take input."[/i]

As if they could give any other answer...if they said "We wanted to do things differently but the suits at EA call the shots, so when they told us to jump, we jumped to keep our jobs", they would be canned for insubordination like the heads of IW were.

Bioware deliberately dumbed down ME2 and 3 in the name of attracting the FPS crowd, and cater to their unwillingness to tolerate anything less than constant action, they've been quite open about it. It's pretty clear EA, not Bioware's devs, are calling the shots now.

Oh...and yes, Corporations can instruct their minions to lie, they do it every day. Only when they lie on a official statement to the gov't, or other legal filings, is it a crime. Companies of any size, not to mention the gov't itself, maintain legal staff to tell them what they can legally lie about and when.

sjaakiejj2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )


Beside conspiracy theories, do you have any evidence of what you just said?

Also, why on earth would EA fire Ray Muzyka? That's committing corporate suicide - he and Greg are what make Bioware Bioware. That in turn is the reason EA bought the company in the first place.

The heads of Infinity Ward were canned for very different reasons than 'not lying to the press'. They were suspected to have engaged in discussions with a rival company for a new project, something in breach of their contract with Activision.

" It's pretty clear EA, not Bioware's devs, are calling the shots now. "
I know it must be difficult to admit that poor Bioware is to blame for what happened to your beloved Mass Effect, but they are, and you'll have to live with it.

If you ask me, they modernized the game, and made it into a far better experience than the clunky, old and convoluted Mass Effect 1 was.

One major thing you "EA ruins every company it deals with" people are forgetting is that the companies that become part of EA went up for sale for a reason. They weren't profitable enough to run as a standalone company in the current economical climate, which in turn means that to stay afloat, they need to cater to the mainstream audience.

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M1am1U2342d ago

I still think they left the possibility open to bring Shepard back. With an ending as vague as the one they produced, anything can happen.

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