Ten Amazing Video Game Freak-Outs

GR - "And everybody hurts sometimes."

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thorstein1836d ago

Awesome... these are hysterical!

PoSTedUP1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

omfg... 360 cod gamers are so fucking dumb and annoying a lot of them need to be put down.

the hacked WOW account was the best lmao

and the DDR guy was incredible.

Virus2011836d ago

Why do should only cod gamers on the 360 be put down?

If I recall one of those videos was a Ps3 gamer playing COD (2nd gamer).

It doesn't matter what system people play. The platform they choose doesn't turn them in lunatics, bad parenting does.

PoSTedUP1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

the ps3 gamer had a legitimate excuse to just say "wtf!" and throw his controller. did you see the 360 gamers? f****** disgusting and repulsive... you hear them all the time on 360. and no, the platform Doesn't turn them into animals, apparently bad parents buy their animals a bad platform. a little harsh, but that just made me sick.

RyuX191836d ago

Isn't 1 and 2 the same kid? lol

StreetsofRage1836d ago

LOL at the fat kid playing a ps3 on a tube tv. What a noob.