Rock Band's Oasis Pack reviewed by MEGATONik

In a new weekly feature on, the downloadable content for Rock Band is played and reviewed for each instrument. This week is the Oasis pack, consisting of "Don't Look Back in Anger," "Live Forever," and "Wonderwall." If you're not sure whether these songs are worth buying, this should help you decide.

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roybatty3830d ago

This guy probably thinks Linkin Park and Green Day are quality Rock and Roll.
What a c()nt.

SIX3830d ago

Oasis is an amazing band. These songs are great....well except Wonderwall.

pkb793830d ago

They are such a great band its to bad most of North American consider them a one hot wonder. People have missed out on some truly amazing songs.

I'm not surprised the base and drums are easy on these songs. They changed drums not long after live forever. And their bassist left after the 3 album.

Rock band should have released Cigarettes and Alcohol if only for the 'Sunshiiiiiineee".

Siesser3830d ago

Now that I've bought the game, I'm going to cross my fingers every week and hope for some Muse. I mean, seriously - Hysteria has all the drums, bass, and lead guitar you could possibly want for a group of friends.

sa_nick3830d ago

I was just playing the Oasis pack b4 and I gotta say I was pleasently surprised with how fun they were. I expected them too be a little boring and not quite fitting for RB, but they're pretty cool.