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TSA: " I love Halo, but I wouldn’t be any less in love with it if a PS3 version of Halo 4 suddenly appeared. The same goes for Uncharted, The Last of Us or Beyond; if they appeared on 360 it wouldn’t make them any more or less interesting as games. With complaints about the quality of multi-platform or ported titles becoming less and less pronounced, is there really any point in making a game exclusive? I don’t think so."

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LOGICWINS2341d ago

Need? Nope. Heck, we don't "need" gaming consoles. But we don't buy them because we need them, we buy them because we like them. Same logic applies to exclusives.

cpayne932341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

That sort of goes without saying.

Army_of_Darkness2341d ago

Matter fact, since we're at that, we might as well just have one damn console for crying out Loud!! so stupid, of course we need exclusive otherwise it would just be a matter of which system is cheapest to get...

egidem2341d ago

Way to use your logic bro.

Obviously the author's use of the verb "need" isn't literal. We, as Homo Sapiens, NEED food and water to survive, but not consoles. It's pointless to explain this anyway.

On topic:
Some people might think there is no need for exclusives but they matter. They're essentially part of the decision making factors. If you find yourself needing a console and able to afford either one with its services, it then comes down to games.

Last week I was playing Dead Island on my PS3. My brother saw the game and he was curious so he decided to buy a copy for his PC on Steam. Later that day I showed him the E3 gameplay footage of The Last of Us, and he was absolutely blown away by what he saw.

His response? "Sweet, this will look even better on my PC", to which I responded "It's a PS3 exclusive". After some thinking, he then said "I'll buy a f*cking PS3 then!" This exclusive alone, pushed him into getting a PS3. If it were available on PC, chances are he wouldn't have even considered the PS3 an option!

PoSTedUP2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

the first paragraph is wrong because the hardware makes the exclusive, ps3 exclusives generally look better and show more raw power as far as processing goes. 3D games too etc. as far as i know.

and is there a point? Corporations need exclusives, that's why there are patents, exclusive content, to try and win the audience over. if nothing was exclusive people would buy a console based on the online, PSN+ vs Xbox live. more free stuff with PSN+ or an experience that may suite you better with xbl. or not having to pay and still able to play your games online.

do we need them? as long as sony keeps putting out better hardware i like to get the best quality games. if nothing was exclusive everything would progress the same. developers wouldn't be paied more money to push out better games (maybe). if nothing was exclusive i would probably get fed up and build a pc gaming rig.

EVILDEAD3602341d ago

What every individual perceives as needs and wants is that person's personal preference.

In the realm of exclusives, the truth is (like multi-plats) not all exclusives are created equally.

Halo is a great example when talking about the Xbox console. Anyone who knows anything about MS consoles knows that the Halo brand is why MS is in the position it is in today.

When a game drives the most console sales, has millions of fans, and has become your console's staple then it's clear that that game (especially the exclusive kind) is 'needed'.

This especially holds true for Nintendo and for certain Sony titles as well.


CGI-Quality2341d ago

That same logic does NOT apply to exclusives. Had Mario been readily available on multiple systems not named Nintendo from the get-go, his impact wouldn't have been the same.

The simple answer to "do we need exclusives" in the context we're dealing with is yes. Otherwise, multiple devices are pointless.

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Irishguy952341d ago

Normally i'd judge a console based on the amount of quality games I can get for it(for other people taste may be involved too, I like every genre though). Exclusives simply mean you can get more quality games on one system or the other.

Games first and another factor that came in just this gen, how good playing online is on each of them.

The cost comes last.

Irishguy952341d ago

Also in another...we don't need exclusives, we need good games. Console manufacturers need exclusives. Since exclusives sell consoles for quite a portion of the gaming crowd

Outside_ofthe_Box2341d ago

We need exclusives for the same reason why we need multiple console manufacturers...

Oh_Yeah2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

console makers dont need exclusives to sell a system. microsoft proved that. im not exactly sure what sells the 360 though, maybe because its easy to pirate games on and it was cheaper at first, thats why i purchased one..because to buy an unreliable console (at first) for 3 okay exclusives and pay to play multiplayer makes no sense. i mean all of its games other than halo, gears and forza are on pc. wtf is that?

i did buy ps3 based on exclusives/ free multi though.
uncharted, god of war, resistance, little big planet, starhawk, ico/sotc, beyond, last of us, last guardian, metal gear, infamous, killzone, heavy rain, i can keep going but you get the point. quality & quantity must have exclusives sold me to the ps3.

Irishguy952341d ago

MS gets sales because of the online and ease of use/dashboard and it's had Chat and Achievements from day 1. That's why I said a portion of gamers buy systems because the exclusives. Not all do. Microsoft nailed Software side of their console anyway/ Not so much hardware. Sony were playing catch up on the dashboard/online for along time before Xbox live started becoming less worth the cost.

I got a 360 due to those reasons. I never really cared about the Online costing money. I just haven't gotten it in ages because I don't play the 360 anymore, I just keep it there for the odd exclusive(gears 3/halo 4) + buy a month of Xbox live when said exclusive comes out. I play Multi's on PC when I can and it's exclusives. And Ps3 for every other Multi(non PC) since free online + Exclusives.

FinaLXiii2341d ago

yes as long those exclusives focus on great singleplayer experiences im on it.

Godmars2902341d ago

Raising that question should bring concerns at weather or not the person asking it should be into gaming at all.

Godmars2902341d ago

Sorry, but its the same mentality which didn't see the issues involved with the 360 getting an add on BR drive, especially one which played games with more memory than the system's standard DVD, or why consoles can't have component upgrades like PCs.

What with the division that's arisen between PC, console and handheld gaming it should be pretty obvious that if there were no exclusives, if there were only one system, there would be a massive compromise in game quality.

There was a reason PC gaming failed to make gaming generally popular from the Atari, SNES and PS2 days, just as current full multiplatform titles sell better on console than PC.

from the beach2341d ago

Platform holders can throw their money behind games designed to take advantage specifically of that console and also - now that we have Wii U gamepad, Kinect and Move - its particular control system.

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