GameInformer- A Brief Look At Metal Gear’s Epic Bosses

GameInformer- "Comic Con 2012 gave us a quick look at the larger than life boss battles found in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Konami wouldn’t disclose any new details about the game’s story, but during our demo Raiden fought a giant Metal Gear Ray."

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WeskerChildReborned2261d ago

I loved the MGS3 and 4 bosses.

SageHonor2261d ago

the pain
THE PAIN!!!!!!!!

Jio2261d ago

I have no regrets...


Irishguy952261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

MGS 3 > MGS1 > MGS 2 > MGS 4. In terms of bosses/battles.

3 had the End, The boss, Ocelot. These outclasses the series and boss battles in general/gaming

1 had Sniper wolf, the Hind, Metal gear Rex, Liquid, raven, Frank Jaeger, Phscho mantis, Ocelot. All were very epic battles and bosses story wise

2 had Olga, Fat man, sword fight versus Solidus. Wasn't a fan of the other battles but I liked Vamp story wise.

4, Rex versus Ray, Oceliquid. I didn't like the rest of them story wise, very random and Phyco mantis was extremely random. Suppose Raiden versus Vamp gets a mention for being epic. Even though you didn't fight it.Edit-----Actually, add crying wolf to it, I liked her.

Anyhow this game is sounding epic.

Edit---yeah GuyManDude, I think those two are close boss battle wise

GuyManDude2261d ago

I would swap 2 and 4, but otherwise agree.

cpayne932261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

One problem I had with mgs 4 was the way they presented those beauty things. You would kill the mindless things, and then you would have to listen to some sob story about their past from that guy that sold you guns. It was kind of hard to care for those women considering their behavoir and the fact that they're dead by the time you hear the story. The other ones did it better, where you heard about the past from the characters themselves, sniper wolf's dying monologue really stuck with me. The way mgs 4 did it really left out a lot of character development.

Edit: but man, that fight with ocelot on top of that boat was pretty epic.

Whitefeather2261d ago

You didn't have to kill them, just tranq them.

Coolmanrico2261d ago

I think my favorite thing about the metal gear series is their boss fights. All of them are pretty awesome from trying to survive against the invincibly Fortune, to the long distances fights you have with the snipers and who can forget disabling bombs set by a fat man on skates.

Nate-Dog2261d ago

I only really thought the boss battles in MGS3 were any fun but I disliked the Cobra Unit myself. I loved Foxhound and Dead Cell but in terms of gameplay the boss battles were pretty dull for the most part. MGS4's bosses sucked and so did their awful and uninteresting backstories. At least a few of them were fun and interesting, but only really the once, every time I've replayed them the fun and quirkiness of the gameplay just disappeared unlike other battles like with Psycho Mantis in MGS1.