NPD: Sky Isn't Falling for HD-DVD, Blu-ray Isn't Champ Yet

Sales data for HD-DVD and Blu-ray players and movies has been misconstrued lately by various outlets, with reports implying that HD-DVD sales have fallen at an amazing pace while Blu-ray sales have blasted through the roof.

Not so fast, says the NPD Group:

"The facts are that during the week that is being singled out, both Blu-ray disc players and software were being given away for free with the purchase of 1080p TVs. It is also important to note that the instant rebate promotions that had previously netted Toshiba's players' MSRPs to $199 and $249 had actually ended on Jan. 5th -- causing an increase in HD DVD's MSRP back to $299 and $399 during that same week. Since Toshiba's retail price move on Jan. 13th to $149 / $199 -- Toshiba is seeing very positive sales trends at retail. This reinforces the fact that price is a significant driver of sales.

"Toshiba's HD DVD players represent a significant value to the consumer and the marketing campaign that just began is proving effective."

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LightningPS33859d ago

All HD DVD can do is give them away.

I won't even go into this again.

Bathyj3859d ago

I've always wanted to say, nice avatar.

Great movie, I'd love to see a game done right.

n_n3859d ago

does your hd-dvd addon work well, alice? or have you finally bought a ps3? you did say that if december sales were above 600k you would... you're not lying to us are you alice?

Snukadaman3859d ago

"The NPD Group attempted to quiet the storm of online scuttlebutt with the following statement:

"As you may have seen, there are attempts being made to portray NPD's weekly sales tracking figures for next generation DVD as a trend. We want to remind you and make clear that it is not accurate to make long term assumptions based on one week of sales -- a cautionary point that NPD has made as well."

im quite sure they can get sued for being fraudulent..thats a quote from npd themselves...maybe what you state is true but im sure they cant make up statements from npd right?

diatom3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

The original article states these quotes are from a Toshiba Rep and not NPD...

In the original article this section begins "Commenting on the numbers, Jodi Sally, Toshiba Digital A/V Group marketing VP said:" and not "Not so fast, says the NPD Group" like this article claims.

This is deliberately misquoted from the original article... ie FUD. The orginal article is from

marinelife93858d ago

How blatant of a lie can you get? That's pure fallacy this is getting reported.

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felman873859d ago

Why pics of PS3 I wonder....

Iron Man 23859d ago

LMFAO...are you blind?!

Those are NOT PS3's,there HD-DVD players;)

Prismo_Fillusion3859d ago

"It's in a box, it must be a PS3!"

felman873859d ago

thought they were really cheap PS3s, blindness FTW!!!

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gamesR4fun3859d ago

was the beta vcr war this full of bs?

Legion3859d ago

yes but it was all done using snail mail so nobody took notice.

Snukadaman3859d ago

But i guess this news just makes the usual horsesheit we get on here as being bunk....and before anyone calls bs ..this is from npd...we all treat that as gospel right>?

chfthnder263858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

not all hddvd supporters treat it as being dead i know three people that have bought players since ces 08 and i was going to get my parents one but they were sold out of the 149.99 model so people r still buying them dont believe everything that u read

DJ3859d ago

They're still trying to convince people that Blu-ray ISN'T more popular? Not even the movie studios believe them anymore.

chfthnder263858d ago

honestly blu ray isnt more popular people think it is because of the ps3 i mean if i was a ps fan i would be stupid to not buy movies if i had a ps3 but also a lot of those people also have hddvd players

DJ3858d ago

Even though it sells more standalone hardware (not including PS3) and more discs than HD-DVD? Wow dude. I guess that means AMD is more popular than Intel, even though Intel sells more product. What a completely logical mindset.

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