Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days to be released in 2008

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days development for the DS is doing well and the game is scheduled for 2008, according to Famitsu and Dengeki.

Dengeki's issue was released today and has confirmed Famitsu's info from last week.

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Mr_Kuwabara3741d ago

What sucks is that, although the PSP game has been in production longer than the DS', it's going to take more time since it has on par KH PS2 graphics/quality. Hope the PSP version also shows up this year. (Really doubt it though)

Marceles3741d ago

I'm sure Birth by Sleep will be out around the time the DS version comes out in Japan. As far as it coming out in the US or sny other territories anytime soon, it'll probably come out late like Crisis Core. Well...late like all of Square-Enix's games except in Japan

Theo11303741d ago

All Square does is rehash there games, and all you do is buy the same game 13 times.

Doctor Strange3741d ago

All of the non-console games of Kingdom Hearts are all new. I'm looking forward to Birth by Sleep the PSP title but 358/2 is supposed to be a great co-op game.

Square-Enix rehashes some games but a trip down memory line isn't bad sometimes. Everybody wanting a FF7 remake like me can agree.