Game series that were once popular but gamers lost their interest


It can be a sad thing to see a franchise lose it verve and vibrancy. A franchise that brought you untold amounts of joy in your younger years, fades away into complacency or obscurity. In this article we look at some of gaming’s most popular franchises that lost their luster as they grew older.

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Snookies121955d ago

Final Fantasy didn't lose its luster, it's just that Enix is run by a moron who can't do things right. Sorry to say that, but anyone who moves their company on the advice of a fortune teller needs to be replaced quickly.

Relientk771955d ago

Can't they just go back to Squaresoft


PoSTedUP1955d ago

tomb raider, spyro, n4s, pokemon'. should be in that list imo

guitarded771955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

@ PoSTedUP

I think Tomb Raider is a perfect example. It looks like the franchise is getting ready to be a major player again with the new Tomb Raider... can't wait to check it out.

@ Snookies12

I also agree that FF hasn't lost people's interest. Any series that runs as long as FF has will have its ups and downs, but fans are always excited when a new FF game comes out. If a new FF XIII Vs trailer was released today, it's be the number one story on n4g right now.

Gaming1011955d ago

This should say "games I personally lost interest in". I don't think any one personc an speak for the games industry as a whole, I mean look at all the hype that's being generated by FF 13-2, if it were a dead franchise you wouldn't see an ounce of excitement from the fans, but there they are, rabid fans as per usual.

pixelsword1955d ago

@ Gaming 101:

I agree, especially since even the submitter (possibly also the writer) put it down as an opinion piece.

DrJones1954d ago

They should have Mass Effect on the list. The third installment was lackluster. It sold out to appeal to the more casual market.

gaffyh1954d ago

I never lost interest in Final Fantasy as a series, Square just messed it up. I'm hoping someone can still fix the series as a whole, and that Versus XIII will redeem it.

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MAiKU1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Hahaha I didn't know the company moved for that reason. That's pretty real haha.

I have hope they will get back on track.

Ranma11955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Yoichi Wada moved Square Enix's Headquarters (where 2000+ ppl worked) based on advice from fortune teller called Pau, video evidence here:

Its one of reason why Uematsu and Sakaguchi have beef with Yoichi Wada.

Why cant they just make FF turnbased again, so we can control all characters like in old FF's?

HarryMasonHerpderp1955d ago

Never seen that video before.
That's really depressing lol Wada is a douche bag.

BitbyDeath1955d ago

Agreed, i'm playing FFVI right now.
Still awesome.

ReservoirDog3161955d ago

Haha, yeah I just traded a few of my games to get FFIV, V, VI, VIII, IX and Chrono Trigger on PS1 and can't wait to play them. I already played FFVII before so I'll finally play the original Square classics.

/r/gameswap on reddit is amazing.

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Kamikaze1351955d ago

What is Final Fantasy doing in that list? isn't doing as good as it used to, but it isn't doing nearly as bad as the other games on that list. Plus, they took a step in the right direction with XIII-2 by taking in and incorporating player feedback and XIV is being completely remade from the ground up....Versus XIII is also still being hyped.

Menashe1955d ago

Because people used to be hyped like crazy for every FF release, wait-six-hours-in-line-for-mid night-launch style.

Nowadays it doesn't command nearly as much respect or excitement as it used to. Yeah, some of the games are good, some are less so. Gamers aren't nearly as hyped about Final Fantasy as they used to be.

Kamikaze1351955d ago

You're missing the entire point of the article. Did you even bother clicking on it?

Blastoise1955d ago

Taking in and incorporating feedback would have been to not make a sequel to what is probably the most hated Final fantasy game ever...

SnipeySnake1955d ago

Took a step in the right having the usual groundbreaking plot and the same yet slightly different ff-like battle system we all know and love...yeah

In case you didnt get that, it was sarcasm.

Relientk771955d ago

Just stop with Final Fantasy XIII and we dont want XIII-3

I want Final Fantasy XV and make it like the older FF games

Final Fantasy VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X

MAiKU1955d ago

I think they should go with another Final Fantasy like IX. It's style wasn't realistic and the the realm of character designs and settings were amazingly creative and more reflective on fantasy.

Relientk771955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Final Fantasy IX is my first FF game, and I truely love it. It's the reason I fell in love with RPGs. So yes I want it like Final Fantasy IX lol if I could choose

abzdine1955d ago

Nice list and i'm glad Sonic is in there :)
For my sake Resident Evil and Pro Evolution Soccer should be there as well.

Hellsvacancy1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I havnt lost interest in the Final Fantasy games, i am still waiting for a next gen FF game admittedly, if it wasnt for the name i wouldnt of thought FF13 was a FF game at all, it was so stripped back from what i was use to playing

Im still hopeful though for FF-Versus, and the FFX HD thing there doing, im cool with that

Resident Evil should die though, or start over (which they will next gen)

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