Hideo Kojima showcased Fox Engine behind closed doors in Comic-Con

DSOGaming writes: "Back in May, we told you that Kojima would showcase Fox Engine in July. Well, it seems that was half the truth, unless the Japanese company decides to unveil what has been shown in this year's Comic-Con behind closed doors."

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NYC_Gamer2340d ago

I hope some leaked videos hit the web

ATi_Elite2340d ago

Hideo Kojima, Cliffy B, and some Blond haired chick!

But the star of the Photo is the "random guy" on the left in the back who sneaked in and got a big "grin" on his face right as the camera flashed!

Oh yeah, Fox Engine, where's the video?

catguykyou2340d ago

That blonde chick is his fiancé. (Cliff that is)

WeskerChildReborned2340d ago

Yea, i'm hoping the fox engine and the godzilla preview hits the web soon.

guitarded772340d ago

Hell yeah... I wanna see too!!! Basically anything Kojima related I want to see. I'm such a whore.

Batzi2340d ago

He demonstrated the Fox Engine last year and the reason he did it privately this time was because he demonstrated the Fox Engine through his new game and we all know that this game is MGS5. xD

Godmars2902340d ago

Getting a bit tired of hearing about all of these closed door demos. Between vs13 and things like Mass Effect, its starting to come off to me that this pe-hype is meant to get the reviewer community on their side. To basically brainwash and alienate them from consumers.

Hellsvacancy2340d ago

Dont worry buddy, im not stupid to it, my eyes are wide open

Soldierone2340d ago

A lot of them are still doing it for the main reason closed doors started.....because their game is glitchy and could mess up. When that happens they either bring you to a new kiosk, or fix it and tell you why it happened so you don't go around saying it was a HUGE FLAW!!!! Other times they are showing you something the company hasn't exactly announced yet, but since you are at the major event you might as well get hands on with it for when they do.

Nowadays a lot of games are broken and incomplete when they are sold though, so who knows.

Blackpool2340d ago

I hope we get to see it next month.

claud32340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Can not wait to see this engine in action

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The story is too old to be commented.