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Medal of Honor: Warfighter - Alpha Video Leaked - Just A Call Of Duty Clone?

Here is a brand new gameplay video of Medal of Honor: Warfighter from the alpha version. Is the upcoming Shooter from EA just a Call of Duty Clone? What do you think? Check out the video after the break! (Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Muffins1223  +   644d ago
Looks like the guns have alot more recoil than cod and it looks like its a bit more realistic
PoSTedUP  +   644d ago
it looks hot. the graphics look ok but its hard to tell on this vid. im hoping the best for them, i haven't bought a MoH game in a long time. i like realistic feels to games, (especially an all realistic game like OPflashpoint and arma2) crysis2 is awesome, i havent played BF3 yet. i cant wait to get another HDtv i havent had one in a year.

PS: i'm probably more hyped for Farcry3 than any other FPS... the runner up being Blackops Declassafied
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BattleAxe  +   644d ago
Far Cry 3 is going to be awesome. As for CoD, it has become a tired game that I have no interest in anymore, and MoH: Warfighter looks like a poor mans CoD.
PoSTedUP  +   644d ago
i hated and didnt play MWF2 so i really like MWF3 and black ops was great and a breath of fresh air. and yeah farcry3 is going to be intense.
WeskerChildReborned  +   644d ago
I'm still skeptical about getting Far Cry 3 cause of Far Cry 2 but i'm really hoping MOH is not a clone cause no FPS has to be a "cod" to succeed.
irepbtown  +   644d ago
MWF2/3 Do you mean MW2/3 (Modern Warfare)? slightly confused.

I have the latest Medal of Honour and I like the story. I hate online, it is so bad. It would be great if they included Co-op, preferably the campaign co-op. I personally think every game (or most games at least) should have Campaign co-op. Being able to play the story with your friends would be a huge bonus for any game.
dontbhatin  +   644d ago
@ irepbtown

MWF means Modern WarFAIL.
PoSTedUP  +   644d ago
yeah i meant MWF2 & 3.

and i dont touch MWF's single player it sucks, i didnt even beat cod4's single player, i just jump to online and play BF's single player (bad company's too)
Azmatik  +   644d ago
obviously the author hasnt played MOH cause its nothing like CoD or this was purposely made for hits and flame bait
Getowned  +   643d ago
I think there is room for cod and many other shooters in gaming, but what I dont like is how every shooter now a days is trying to be like cod. Whats the point of making every game like cod, to me that just means more of the same old same old. We need lots of variety not just a bunch of cod clones. That being said I hope they don't make MOH:WarFighter a cod clone. No one wants to play the same old game over and over again. We have Call of Duty already, give us some thing new!

By the looks of it, I dont really think it looks like COD tbh, it actually looks like a more speedy version of battlefield without destructible environment(which makes me sad, I like destructible environments) seeing that hellicopter makes me want the destructible environments :( .. Dice wheres BC3.

Edit: The Game play really looks nothing like cod imo
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irepbtown  +   643d ago
COD4 is an extraordinary game. It is almost perfect (obviously considering it's a 2007 game). It was revolutionary at the time however Activision just destroyed it. The single-player was good, online was/is great. I still play it today, one of my favourite FPS ever. Same can't be said for WAW, MW2, Black Ops, MW3.

And why do you say MWF instead of MW (just curious)??
PoSTedUP  +   643d ago
yeah cod4 is a great game, i just though the single player was bland and lacked character compared to a lot of other fps. and i say MWF cuz i guess it looks cooler idk bro lol it just makes sense to me
solid_si  +   644d ago
Its BF trying to be COD again, no suprise here. Dice tried to beat COD but failed so did many others. BF: Medal of Honour gets a shot this fall. Just copy it to its fullest.

Watch BO2 rape it this fall, EA epic fail. I hate it when games these days all try to be COD more or less.
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svoulis  +   644d ago
I agree about Dice trying to make BF3 similar to COD. There are a lot of differences and at least it didn't become an actual clone and they are actually 2 separate games they don't handle the same at all. Medal of Honor (2010) was the closest thing to COD clone that EA put out. You got kill streaks, the maps were smaller, the guns were easier to handle.
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sourav93  +   644d ago
Well BF3 and CoD are pretty different. How do I know this? I suck at BF3; k/d ratio of 0.65, whereas in CoD it's around 1.4. However, I only play rush and CQ on BF3, and I love it. Plus I play way more BF3. CoD just feels really easy after BF3. So my point is, even though they might have slight similarities, they are significantly different.
dontbhatin  +   644d ago
Why does everyone act like sales matter. it would probably be the same if it was battlefield being successful first and then COD would be a battlefield clone.

To be honest. yes BO2 will probably outsell BF3 and MOH but that doesnt make a game any better than the other. its all about peoples comfort on certain franchises. COD was successful first so everybody has grown to it. many have seen that COD has been complete crap since MW2. But more people have been blinded by it being easy to take on and satisfy them wich has kept the sales great. its not like BF3 was a complete fail. Bf3 has sold 6.5 million games worldwide. Thats a Great success especially competing against MWF3.
Irishguy95  +   644d ago
Solid_si is not talking about Battlefield, he's talking about Medal of Honor By Dice, which seems to be some type of BF Cod crossover than just doesn't work.
Azmatik  +   644d ago
@solid_si - LMFAO
AIndoria  +   644d ago
SinglePlayer? Maybe. Multiplayer like CoD? Lol idiot. How do All Call of Duty versions combined together compare to a single Battlefield 3 multiplayer match exactly?
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aiBreeze  +   644d ago
Unless it's a space shooter, I doubt guns could have less recoil than in COD to be fair.
Parasyte  +   644d ago
I'd still take it over CoD!
BX81  +   644d ago
Yeah im looking foward to medal of honor. I just hope the mp has been worked on a lot more. The last one was a good starting point but needed drastic work. All i can say is... Rockets in the spawn!
Parasyte  +   644d ago
Yeah. The spawns in the 2010 MoH were atrocious!
morganfell  +   643d ago
The biggest issue by far that destroyed MoH MP was their implementation of sniping. It was point and shoot. Whereas other classes would have the best people top out with 17-20 kills, snipers would finish a match with 45 or more. Sit back, snipe, snipe snipe, Mortar Strike. And they just kept building on that ruining every single match because they were so overpowered. As stated above, Rocket strikes in the spawn, JDAMs, etc.

Kabul was the only map where they did not run rampant and stupidly it was the main beta test map. Had they picked any other map Dice might have seen the damage coming. Instead the game launched and I have never seen one class so overpower a game. The message boards on every platform were full of people providing videos, stats, etc. They loved the MP but it was broken.

Unfortunately by the time Dice rectified the problem, and it took months, people had enough and moved on to other prominent title that had launched.
dcortz2027  +   644d ago
Better graphics, better engine, it can't be Call Of Duty! Medal Of Honor: Warfighter looks promising, I don't care what you COD fanboys say, COD is outdated trash and this is coming from an ex-COD player.
Kurt Russell  +   643d ago
Looks like the same old crap ... I have played enough samey war games this gen to bother with this one.
Revvin  +   644d ago
I'm hoping its going to be the answer to the stale Call of Duty franchise. Don't get me wrong I enjoy both series but CoD is built on an aged engine and its not really evolved its just got more gimmicky. I'm hoping for a bit of a reboot to the franchise after Black Ops II with a new engine but until then I think this new MoH game will fit the bill- built on a more modern game engine. The last MoH game was fun but didn't take off like it should have, maybe not enough multiplayer maps and game modes?
kB0  +   644d ago | Well said
Ppl assume every game with a gun, iron sight and explosions is call of duty.
Cosmit  +   644d ago
I couldn't agree more with you.
Rhythmattic  +   643d ago
Lets get this straight.

1st Medal Of Honour Released in 1999

1st Call of Duty Released 2003.

Maybe COD is the clone?
Rhythmattic  +   642d ago
people disagreeing with facts. OMFG

Google it ffs.
Tonester925  +   644d ago
That's why I don't like reading comments on games like this.

"OMG another COD clone!"
"Battlefield 3 has Close Quarters was because COD!"
"DICE made BF3 easier because the COD players are going to start playing"

I think people are just saying they hate COD because that's the movement right now. COD is a good game to play because it's fun.

BF3 put in close quarters because it's fun enclosed battles that require different strategies.

I like both games.
dontbhatin  +   644d ago
Ive hated Cod since MW2 so "the moment" is not the reason for everybody.
codename13  +   644d ago
Totally agree with you. Seems like now a days ppl really do not know the difference between 'genre' and 'clone'.
AusRogo  +   644d ago
Am I the only one really hyped for this game? I loved the first one, even that was more enjoyable then cod. Warfighter can only improve from the first one so its a win for me!
Parasyte  +   644d ago
I'm with you on that. I had my copy pre-ordered as soon as they started accepting them.
Cosmit  +   644d ago
I'm actually hyped for this game. Well based on the trailer that is. But I could say the same thing for the MOH 2010. And that turned out to be REALLY disappointing. I'm hoping I'm able to try this before it releases.
enkeixpress  +   644d ago
I played a little of the Alpha version last night. It's awful..

It instantly reminded me of how BF3 looked back in it's alpha stage.. sound clipping, texture pop-in issues, lack of graphics quality options, lackluster HUD.. etc etc..

MoH: Warfighter will look a lot better in it's final retail build, I'm sure.. well, let's hope so anyway.
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Straightupbeastly  +   644d ago
Cod to me is any shooter with xp, killstreaks, enemy radar spotting and simple game modes that take no teamwork or communication. Medal of honor will be all of that
IAmLee  +   644d ago
i've completely lost intrest in the FPS genre now, Since Call of Duty butchered it with some piss poor gameplay and graphics. this to me, looks just like another generic FPS. I imagine some will disagree but each to there own I suppose.
PAYNEinc85  +   644d ago
I'm not too hyped about it but it does look a helluva lot better than Medal of Honor 2010.
JKelloggs  +   644d ago
Just because another game is in the FPS genre, and is modern doesn't make it a CoD clone, Jesus.

Gaming revolves around CoD these days, it's ridiculous.
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CanadianTurtle  +   644d ago
What do you expect from a generic military FPS game? Innovation? HAH!
NightShroud   644d ago | Spam
FinaLXiii  +   644d ago
It might be a good game who knows
FantasyStar  +   644d ago
I think I got an idea of EA's strategy.

2010 - MoH Reboot
2011 - BF3
2012 - MoH Reboot 2
2013 - BF4?
PixL  +   644d ago
You forgot about Bad Company.

White Pass, I miss you...
Straightupbeastly  +   644d ago
I can go further.

2012 moh warfighter
2013 spring - Crysis 3
2013 fall- bf4
2014 spring- home front 2 after they buy THQ
2014 fall - warfighter 2
2015 spring - bad company 3
Xenial  +   644d ago
lolol after they buy thq. :)
cycofoo831  +   644d ago
If there is no Captain Price, it is not another Call of Duty. simple. black ops and world at war is a call of duty clone.
Ace_Pheonix  +   644d ago
Call Of Duty existed long before Captain Price. I'd say World at War was the closest thing to a Call of Duty game we've had since COD3. MW is just a noob friendly shitfest.
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h311rais3r  +   644d ago
Actually you'd be wrong. Captain Price was in cod 1,2 4, mw2&3.

No lie


The guy is invincible. No clue why makarov thought he could kill him when he's been in his 50s for over 60 years!
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sandman224  +   644d ago
It's a damn good clone with better sound better graphics and the best part is it's not call of doody
SuperDopetastic  +   644d ago
Battlefield 3.5. looks morr CQ than BF though. Actually looks pretty fun too
venom06   644d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Tzunoy  +   644d ago
Rpg's are dead very sad.
ironwolf777  +   644d ago
Was that... Seatown?
Soldierone  +   644d ago
The level (I'm talking about the level nothing else) looks almost identical to one of the popular maps from the first (reboot) game. The only difference was the water, everything else was set up the same.

In the beginning when he runs into the ally. The building has the same window, door, and even table sitting there, then it opens up to a bigger walk way, but the video cuts before he gets to it.
rajman  +   644d ago
Here is a 1080p video of MOH Alpha so you can judge the graphics;
Ken22  +   643d ago
At 25 do my eyes deceive me or did it take two knife swipes to kill him:O??
BraveToaster  +   644d ago
Did anyone really expect anything more?
AdmiralSnake  +   644d ago
Not buying it...

I see nothing that makes me even interested in getting this game. Just another shooter in the modern era. I guess though it might attract some people.
KiLLeRCLaM  +   644d ago
It's just Alpha
M1am1U  +   644d ago
Maybe soon they'll switch gears and start making WWI games with some epic multiplayer trench-warfare-capture-the-fox -hole sort of thing. This genre isn't getting beat into the ground at all...nope.

Developers are doing the same thing with the "modern war" theme that they did with the WWII theme. It's over saturated.
Soldierone  +   644d ago
No they already decided, its going to be future warfare now. Look at the new COD, won't be surprised when BF 2143 gets announced to compete with it, then MoH heads in that direction with "realistic weapons" that are not used in the army yet.

Sad thing is Ghost Recon has already been there, and will get killed. Even Rainbow Six is going in that direction now too.....
Bladesfist  +   643d ago
Its called Sci-Fi, when did they stop making Sci-Fi games.
Soldierone  +   643d ago
Call it what you want. "Modern combat" was around too before the big companies started milking it. WWII was around before they started milking it.

Its called "Hey lets throw FPS into that genre till people cant stand it anymore!"
M1am1U  +   643d ago
Sorry, I was trying to lay on the sarcasm there about the WWI direction. I know they won't go that direction, but it just seems like the "modern war" theme is getting beat over the head just as bad as the WWII theme was towards the end of its run.
richierich  +   644d ago
Arent all games these days Call of Duty clones
Gamer-Z  +   644d ago
This looks really bad, its no where close to COD and it doesn't even touch battlefield.
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jjb1981  +   644d ago
Ima play them all
strauser360  +   644d ago
What makes this different than CoD?
Emilio_Estevez  +   639d ago
Destruction and that's about it imo
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