Let's Play Resident Evil - Part 3 and 4

Phelan dies again when going to get a case and Jill becomes a Slimer Sandwhich: Allison's favorite character. Also she builds a Kinder toy!

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Ingram2343d ago

Sorry, I found the overall editing and attitude kind of lame.

Smashbro292343d ago

Why disagree? It was pretty boring, not very insightful and why on earth did nearly half the screen need to be 2 people looking at the TV?

Ingram2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Ok, I have some news for you, that was atrocious as in quite bad.

The sooner you guys start accepting some criticism, the better.

You can't use the "it's just for fun, don't judge" card when you've gone public.Hell, you even have cartoony personas adorning your videos.

Please consider the following feedback:

-You're either telling something to the public, or you're not.Stop being so awkward, you're both still afraid of the camera and it shows.

-You're constantly keeping track of yourselves instead of actually saying or doing something interesting.
You don't exist in a parallel dimension, therefore try to talk to your viewers more when putting a camera in front of you, at least from time to time.Why would you film yourselves ALL THE TIME while playing? is this a big brother derivative?

-Improve your speech.You sometimes seem to be talking to the floor, your side, your partner, the ceiling, a pet cat or god.
On the other side of the camera?, again, there are people.

-Do not laugh constantly at your own jokes.
You seem to have a concept for your own show "be bluntly natural, just record ourselves"

Well then, for the love of god don't ruin your own party;
Don't try so hard to be funny, sometime you're not, you might end up finding more natural jokes if you really want to let things flow.Which leads to....

-Plan at least some things.
Again, you can't show up to a 25 minute video armed with just a "dun dun DUUUUUN" derivative and 2 inside jokes about a song you heard.

-Editing is atrocious.
The fading effect, the absurd cutting...Why don't you choose some particular moments of the game? explain some trivia? some feelings you had when you first played this, anecdotes with friends?, secrets of the game?, plot? technical flaws? SOMETHING.

This is an honest example of how your super real deal natural script sounds:

-"A'ight, let's kill some zombies, sombiiiiiies, zombirl"(your partner says something on the lines of "zombi! zombi! gah!")
20 seconds pause, you play while we look at your concentration face, you stretch your neck trying to look behind corners like a snail.
Donkey laughter, murmur, concentration.

20 seconds pause, donkey laughter, murmur, inside joke.

30 second pause, look at each other, partner went to take a piss.Concentration face.

45 second pause, you vaguely describe what you're doing while you do it wrong, donkey laugh.

25 seconds pause, you talk to an invisible third person, you murmur something, take a bite of a cold pizza slice, you proceed to fart and inspect your face on camera.Yes, we know, we're still here.You uploaded this.

10 second pause, you say there's a puzzle and proceed to do it wrong instead of explaining to your partner (and the VIEWERS!) what is it about.
You partner says "hur durr, didn't see the puzzle, where are the pieces?", she's now getting kind of bored, makes faces to the camera.

You then burp, murmur, make an inside joke, resume playing.

See a trend? know why this is happening? I'm not calling you dumb, be aware that improvising a script WHILE playing is five stars difficulty.Gaming takes a lot of processing, a lot of attention.
Your biggest mistake is in the core concept then: doing everything in real time.

Please, do be aware you're not writers, actors, and I have video proof you don't seem to be hardcore gamers neither; Step up your game or slip out, but this thing you're doing now, needs to improve vastly.