GameSpot One Piece: Pirate Warriors Comic-Con 2012 Stage Demo

GameSpot: "Awesome gameplay demo of One Piece: Pirate Warriors from Comic-Con 2012."

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legionsoup2256d ago

Can't wait for this one. I haven't played a Dynasty Warrior style game since the PS2. I love One Piece. I've been waiting for them to make a game that was as good as the Naruto games!

ThanatosDMC2256d ago

I hope it's using Japanese voices and subbed by competent people. The english voices are just plain terrible. The english dub destroy the personality of the unique characters of One Piece.

SeanScythe2255d ago

It's all original voice actors and English subs. They said this is the best way for the game. No English voices thank goodness.

ThanatosDMC2255d ago

Sweet! The sound is terrible... i really hate funimation dubbing. They keep using the same voice actors. Luffy also has a microphone voice and Chopper is female.

SeanScythe2255d ago

I know man luffy's voice sounds like a chalkboard with someone scratching their nails across it. Chopper sounds way to girly, zoro, sanji, nami and robin sound ok but come on with luffy. I can't picture the day they get to ace's death and they try to use that voice to make luffy feel so bad his brother died. I'm sorry they need to recast luffy in the english dubs.