Stage Demo - DBZ Budokai HD Collection

Namco Bandai shows some matches from the game.

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just_sayin2046d ago

good old budokai where have you been all these years

Robochobo2045d ago

Very true, being true to the story in Budokai, and the transforming to Unlocked Potential to Super Saiyan was one of the coolest things to me when I was younger.

Jamzluminati2045d ago

Same thing here. It's my favourite dbz game of all time.

TheRichterBelmont2045d ago

Budokai 3 is right there for me with DBZ Legends for PS1.

Canary2045d ago

Yes, Budokai 3 was a great game. So was Tenkaichi 3.

And, all things being equal, I'd be excited for HD ports of either one.

But all things are not equal.

A port of an old game that was good does NOT make up for a string of absolutely awful games. For years and years and years. Jesus ****ing Christ, no, this does not make up for that.

Furesis2045d ago

my god those pants are HUUGE... anyway look at raditz's hair it looks like glass and why are they avoiding the good legit questions..HHuuuuh and is the music different? WTF
i must say i'm a little pissed about this (glass characters and different music) they dont even add anything new like online or characters from infinite world but i'll still buy it
the guy was like "it's not gonna be retailed at full price cuz these are games that are are already made" or something like that and i was like dude every new hd remake is cheaper than other new games so don't try that trick on me cuz it aint gonna work son

yup i have mixed feelings about this one