Million Selling Games By Console

The current leader in million breakers is the Xbox 360 which has 31 titles over the million barrier at the moment, with the best seller being Halo 3 with total sales of 7.06 million

Then comes the unstoppable Wii with 16 titles breaking the barrier and its top seller is Wii sports (bundled) with 17.81 million units. Followed by Wii Play (controller bundled) with 9.42 million and the first non bundled title is Super Mario Galaxy with 5.35 million units.

The PS3 currently has 7 titles over the million barrier and the leading PS3 title is Motorstorm (half bundled) with 2.63 million and then Resistance (half bundled) with 2.27 million. The first generally unbundled game is Call of Duty 4 with sales of 2.06 million.

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jack who3683d ago

I am using for all of this data.

stop reading close and burns page

zambrota3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

so even if you close it wont help

cuz real xbox numbers might be a little less as in case of this -

u seen Vgchartz german,other,na sales charts too and you compared them with Gfk and NPD figs i guess


Martini3683d ago

Yeah like copule grand here and there in software will matter if you are talking about 1 million + ......

I start to understand why PS3 is not doing all that great judging by the responses on here people that own one are not the brightest bulbs in town.

Go turn on full RGB that will help with sales :)

zambrota3683d ago

some ps3 games are around 900k

nfs prostreet is around 980k

same goes to some other games which will reach a million copies in a couple of weeks.

we will see ps3's million sellers list by the end of this year


BLaZiN PRopHeT3683d ago

VGchartz was off on the 360 numbers in december by a lot. they were over 900k off the COD4

ry-guy3683d ago

All right, let us project then into the future!

PS3 @ 1 year, 7 titles.

Project after 2 years, 14 titles.

Xbox 360 @ 2 years, 31 titles.

PS3 still loses.

Electricear3683d ago

You're projections fail to take into concideration a few factors. First how many game were over 1 million on the xbox 360 in it's first year and 2 months for America, and 10 months for Europe? You see if we can look at that figure and it's current figure we can base the ps3 projections off that as a rough estimate. The next problem is that consoles are always increasing in numbers. Thus as more people own the ps3 more games will break the 1 million mark. Given these two factors if we align the console launches for both the ps3 and the xbox 360 we realize that on average the ps3 has more consoles sold in and equivalent amount of time. This would lead one to project that at the two year mark the ps3 will have more than 31 titles with over 1 million sold... Again this is just speculation based off given known factors. It is entirely possible that it won't, but the projection looks promising.

Blakzhuk3683d ago

Martini just pwned EVERY PS3fanboy in existence. Bubbles for you!

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tatotiburon3683d ago

hahahahaha so according to nasim/tanod/shmee/zambrota/bus h/bin laden/britney spears how many PS3 titles break de million barrier?

Whoooop3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )






AAACE53683d ago

In your mind you look at it as the Ps3 will have the same success as the Ps2!

But Nintendo and MS really don't want to see that happen, and have put all of their efforts into stopping the Ps3 from having that kind of impact again!

If Sony can pull it off... It would be an amazing thing, considering what the competition is doing to prevent that from happening!

PS360WII3683d ago

History will repeat itself? You know that could mean one of two things. As in the company that has 'won' 2 gens in a row suddenly drop to a distant 3rd amongst it's competitors for 10 years....

Just saying cuz that's part of history.

ry-guy3683d ago

Nintendo won with the NES and then dominated with SNES.

How'd they do with that Gamecube again? Oh....not so hot.

Mr Tretton3683d ago

ass creed

that's 5 of 7....what are the other 2?

toughNAME3683d ago

so even if you close it wont help

cuz real PS3 numbers might be way less

zambrota3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Vgchartz has never INFLATED ps3 sales but their xbox 360 sales are inflated for all region


PES and FIFA are the 2 other million sellers for ps3

both those games have sold more on PS3 than xbox 360

nfs pro is around 980k units

plus some other games are around 900k soon to reach a million copies

power of Green 3683d ago

Do bundled games count?. I guess they do?.

GavinMannion3683d ago

It would be better if we could ignore bundled games but Microsoft had a huge special with Forza 2 and Ultimate Aliance, while Sony had a long running bundle of Motorstorm and Resistance..

Let's not go into the Wii's top two games ;)

AAACE53683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I don't like the bundle deal(in reguards to judging units sold), for the fact that it presents false numbers.

In particular, the Wii bundle has helped them boost their attach rate numbers in a sneaky way! Which is odd, because alot of people bought the Wii cause it came with a free game, and alot of people bought Wii play cause you got a controller with it. Those sales give false numbers in my opinion. Because you have to ask the question... "Would people have bought these games without a bundle deal?"

I wonder though... Would the Wii have sold as many consoles, if it didn't come with a free game?

Doesn't really matter I guess, as long as all 3 consoles are doing good!

rofldings3683d ago

It sure counts for the TWO games the 360 bundles.

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