5 characters that should buy more appropriate attire

PS3 Attitude: "From tiny outfits that provide no more protection than dental floss, to massive armour that even Chuck Norris would struggle to walk in, it has to be said that costumes in videogames often look pretty ridiculous. We literally could have picked a selection of games at random for this list and they’d still have been relevant, but these are the five characters we chose in the end (after we picked them at random)."

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DeadSpaced1860d ago

Ivy from SoulCaliber. She needs to cover up.

stefhutch201860d ago

True, but we decided to stay away from fighting games because they were a bit too obvious. :)

Gaming1011860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Kratos wasn't designed to be "one for the ladies" with his attire, he's wearing what Spartan soldiers usually wear, haven't you seen 300?

Kevin ButIer1860d ago

Lol this article is pure trolling...

DolphGB1860d ago

I had Ivy in mind when I saw the title too... Damn, I have Ivy on my mind most of the day if I'm honest... lol

HammadTheBeast1860d ago

Taki and most of the Soul Calibur girls are hot.

GaryOak1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Hey,after suffering through all those "Kay's" I earned the right to see Myuria's skin!

CaptCalvin1860d ago

None of those games give any toss about realism. It's called style.

Hicken1859d ago

Now I feel like playing Star Ocean.