The Last of Us: Behind the Scenes with Naughty Dog Panel - Comic-Con 2012

The team at Naughty Dog takes you behind the scenes and shows new footage from the game in this Comic-Con 2012 panel for The Last of Us.

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Darth Stewie2347d ago

Awesome the entire Last of US Comic Panel. I really the direction this game is going in.

Thatguy-3102347d ago

The main heads behind Among Thieves XD TLOU will just be as extraordinary

christoph2032347d ago

Beyond: two souls will be game of the generation.

the last of us is still using cutscenes,
quantic dream don't. everything is interactive in their games and continus.

Ace_Pheonix2347d ago

Yeah, but their whole game is just an interactive cutscene, they don't use gameplay. It's a glorified choose your own adventure book. Don't get me wrong, I love Heavy Rain and I'll love Beyond, but it is what it is. Nothing can compare to The Last Of Us right now. Nothing.

Thatguy-3102347d ago

Yea i think that there are way two different games. They tell story in their own way. It's not fair to compare them. Both games are exceeding expectations though from what i've seen.

Xperia_ion2347d ago

Sony really treats its games like movies.

jwatt2347d ago

That's how they should do it

ChunkyLover532347d ago

Naughty Dog are quickly becoming gaming royalty. They are always good for top quality games every single generation. Really looking forward to The Last Of Us.

black9112347d ago

Sony Better Market the heck out of This and Beyond.

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