Oneechanbara Revolution: Japanese Trailer 2

GameTrailers:Get ready for danger in disguise...

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Kulupoo3858d ago

YA I remember this game is amazing, It beat DMC hands down hahaha...
but srsly... dont buy this game ppl...

INehalemEXI3858d ago

I can't im in the US. So unless I import not happening.

meepmoopmeep3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

"i'd hit that"

wonder if they'll censor out the blood seeing as it's for japan?

ultraviolentz3858d ago

i doubt it, japan loves graphic violence

Kakkoii3858d ago

Anyone notice how bored she was when she was playing the game with the wiimote?

I lol'd at that part.

But it's still looks like an ok game. But nothing is going to beat brawl D:< Gonna get that as soon as it comes out lol.

wiizy3858d ago

the controls look very simple and easy... so if the controls are responsive and they can polish the graphics up a bit.. this game could have huge potential. especially an all female game that the girls can get behine

Kakkoii3857d ago

It's also a game lots of girls will complain about. Because of the big breasted girls with boobs almost falling out there tops.

This game is definitely targeted towards Guys.

wiizy3858d ago

haha. i have to admit she does look bored.. even though the game looks action packed and exciting.. the advertisers need to get rid of her if they dont want people to get the wrong idea