Why I Cancelled My Pre-Order For Assassin’s Creed 3

GP writer Sean Dimagiba discusses what led him to cancel his pre-order for Assassin's Creed 3 and why he feels worn out by the series.

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Snookies122347d ago

I felt worn out as well by the time Revelations came around. Honestly I had no interest in ACIII, even though I own all the others. However, seeing the videos at E3, and how amazing the game looks. I can't help but be excited once again. It's supposedly a reworked engine, meaning better stability which was my main complaint with the AC series. I really believe ACII was the best in the series, I just hope ACIII outdoes it.

Lucretia2347d ago

the reason u were tired is because all the spin offs sucked. they felt like you were playing the same game again. same locals, same enemies, like 1 or 2 new abilities.

it was boring.

i tried brother hood and hated it even tho i realy liked AC2.

so skipped revalations and am waiting for AC3 since only the numbered titles have an actual change in gameplay

LiamDirish2347d ago

Brotherhood didn't suck, the den defense mini game from Revelations took the fun out of that game

KUV19772347d ago

I had like 2 den defenses throughout the whole game. In the end I had to specifically play 'bad' to get some den defense scenarios for the trophy.

I think Brotherhood as well as Revelations were really good.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2347d ago

You had to be 'evil' to get one more den defense?
I got four at once after killing the Jannisary Captain.

Oh_Yeah2347d ago

assassins creed is actually a good series though, at least they add some new gameplay features instead of just upping the graphics or rehashing like cod, gears of war and the like.

HockeyMan2347d ago

@ Lucretia
I respect you feelings about the games, but doesnt it detract you from futher enjoyment of ac3 when you learn the story but know none of the background?

Personally I love ac. Top 3 v.g franchies for me
, ac:b and :r were a little lackluster compared to the jump from 1 to 2 but it didnt matter to me cuase i love the story and gameplay so much

guitarded772347d ago

I just slowed down and didn't play them all at release... I actually just got Revelations this week and I'm enjoying it. Last AC I played on release day was 2, now I just wait for them to hit the $20 mark, and by that time I'm ready to play another AC.

Gaming1012347d ago

If you didn't like either Brotherhood or Revelations then your interest level in the series and gameplay wasn't there to begin with.

pixelsword2346d ago

I never played any of them; I might get this one and just watch a friend play the rest or something.

theaceh2346d ago

I will buy AC3 on day 1. But if Ubisoft doesn't show me more Adam and Eve stuff this time I will be REALLY pissed. When It comes to the "People who came before", every new AC game is starting to feel like a small part of those glyphs puzzels.

Kurt Russell2346d ago

Revelations finished me off... I didn't like the Tower Defense elements, and I just got bored. I completely agree with the article, they over did it and now I am out.

antz11042346d ago

^ Lol at the tower defense comments for AC Revelations. Seriously, how many times did you have to do it over the course of the game? Once, maybe twice? Its a good story that closes off Altair and Ezio. Personally I like Ezio more in this game more than any other.

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t0mmyb0y2347d ago

Supposedly a reworked engine? Not only is it a new engine, Ubisoft Montreal worked with 8 other studios. That's a lot of people working on 1 game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2347d ago

I haven't bought an AC game since the original so I'm not worn out at all. I'm looking forward to AC3.

theaceh2346d ago

You have missed Sooooo MUCH my friend. At least there are some good AC wiki sites to help you catch up with the story line.

WeskerChildReborned2347d ago

Yea, it's a whole new game compared to the other AC games and i am excited as well. It look's amazing.

Baba19062346d ago

well play them becouse of the multiplayer. still addicted to it. =D

ChrisW2346d ago

I never played Revelations. I got bored about half way through AC2... but for some odd reason, I'm pretty excited about AC3. However, I will wait to hear the reviews and see how different it is from AC2.

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LiamDirish2347d ago

I hate these articles, why i hate this, why i hate that. i thought this site was called news fro gamers not opinions from d**kheads

strange19862347d ago

Haha yup. Nothing beats a healthy dose of self-entitlement.

Nimblest-Assassin2347d ago

You sir just won the internet

Why pre order a game when you are tired of a franchise... Especially when ac3 looks fresh compared to acb and acr?

Why try to make it so dramatic? I gulped as I said? GTFO

I got tired of cod. You don't see me pre ordering
Just fishing for hits

WeskerChildReborned2347d ago

Aha, yea i too hate the hate articles. Haters gonna hate.

videoxgamexfanboy2346d ago

Did u just use the word "hate" three times in two sentences? Lol

wiggles2347d ago

Hahaha that was amazing

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Baka-akaB2347d ago

Not even going to bother reading this . Are you some kind of trained animal ? If obviously not , why would you have pre ordered a game from a serie that now worns you out ?

pbasson2347d ago

then waste time by writing a article moaning about it.

TopDudeMan2347d ago

I think the change in setting will work wonders for the instalment.

SnakeCQC2347d ago

its the story of the game that counts! and each one has delivered! there is nothing wrong with it! ac3 has been in developed time for some time i think i heard it started before acr

Lucretia2347d ago

except that its a game and gameplay is what counts the most. for the story there is Youtube so no one has to play those crappy spin offs of AC2.

AC3 is new on all fronts so its worth a purchase

Zechs342347d ago

Yeah... I also pay $60 for a game as good as AC3 will be so I can ignore its biggest aspect. You're statement is based on your opinion and preferences but AC:B and AC:R sold a ton, obviously enough to keep the interest going for the series.

Rupee2347d ago

@Lucretia lol yeah Youtube is where the story's at.... idiot.