Resident Evil 6 Demo Walkthrough

GodisaGeek: "The first video follows the son of Albert Wesker, Jake Muller and his partner Sherry Birkin. The second follows the star of Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and his partner Helena Harper. Finally, the last video follows the star of the first Resident Evil game, Chris Redfield and his partner Piers Nivans."

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2347d ago
Omar912347d ago

it looks good, but it reminds me more of heavy rain then resident evil with all the cutscenes and little gameplay (at least in the first video)

I guess we just have to face the facts that capcom will never go back to its roots and give us a real resident evil game. The presentation in this game is still worth a play through imo.

PoSTedUP2347d ago

resident evil dosen't exist anymore, and i am over that fact. and leons chapter looks really good tho if you dont expect it to be a survival horror game imo, and it could be a good game. i hope they come out with DLC like the Gold Edition; that was the last of the real resident evil we will experience unless they change back.the other guys chapters could be a good too if you dont expect it to be a survival horror game as well. i dont know what to call it anymore.

LOGICWINS2347d ago

Call it a great looking co-op game...that may be marred by on-disc DLC.

WeskerChildReborned2347d ago

I'm hoping in the future, somehow Capcom figures out or listens to the RE fans, and actually try to bring back ehat made RE great. I just don't see that happening since the games have been changing since RE4.

jony_dols2347d ago

Just a heads up for people who didn't buy Dragons Dogma.

You can download the Resident Evil 6 demo from the usual torrent sites, burn it onto a DVD & play away. You don't need hacked or flashed consoles to do so.

I'm not a pirate, I just want to play the demo without being held to ransom by Capcom to purchase their other products.