EA looking to differentiate Medal of Honor Warfighter from Battlefield 3

AOTF: Despite using the same game engine (Frostbite 2), Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Battlefield 3 will be quite different by design, according to EA's Frank Gibeau. In the most recent issue of Game Informer magazine, Gibeau professes that only half of the Medal of Honor community are Battlefield players. Gibeau explains that this is by design of the publisher.

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BattleAxe2224d ago

"EA looking to differentiate Medal of Honor Warfighter from Battlefield 3"

But not from Call of Duty :D

AKS2224d ago

Set it apart by not requiring the use of Origin, which I really do not like.

headings762224d ago

Good. Didn't care much for Battlefield 3. The single player was boring, the co-op was forgetable and the multiplayer was just ok. I hope this medal of honor addresses these issues.

dazzrazz2224d ago

Yeah it will, by having smaller maps and more stupid shit like Class Ability : Heat Vision -> see enemies through walls

headings762224d ago

Well hopefully it wont go that far either. The problem I've felt about large maps is that there is more room for camping snipers. Get to a legde from a far off distance and just pick people off. If they increase the player cap(on consoles) that might help. I acctually enjoyed the MP for MOH more than BF3, but that's just me.

ExPresident2224d ago

I'd prefer the MP of Battlefield 3 but thats me. To each his own. What I hope they don't do is make it CoD.

yoyo121212223d ago

Battlefield 3's multiplayer was awesome
But the campaign and co-op were terrible

Hufandpuf2224d ago

What would rally separate this game from COD are imaginative game modes, and player abilities, not nessecarily kill streaks. But some physical abilities for each soldier, and it'd be a much more interesting game. I liked what I saw so far though.

ExCest2223d ago

Like TF2. Anything like TF2 can become good if done well.

topekomsi2224d ago

Well i just want a game that i can play for 6months to a year, so far only CoD has given me that. But this looks so promising. So what if it's "like CoD" , activision needs their creative cage rattled. This might do it.

yoyo121212223d ago

Bf3 is going to last till march 2013
That's longer than COD
And bf3 is better!

topekomsi2223d ago

Yeah i like BF3, but cant stand all that fucking running, ughh it just drives me batty.

ExCest2223d ago

@^ At least you can run for more than 3 feet.

I kid, I kid.

Running ain't that bad