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Submitted by bestgamer 1302d ago | opinion piece

Console Wars: Who Won?

The 360 vs PS3 vs Wii generation has been a close battle on many fronts, with all three able to make claims for victory. Here is one interpretation of who gained the most ground this generation. (Industry, PS3, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360)

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blitz0623  +   1302d ago
So you pick the 360 as the winner (even if the war isn't really over) and wrote this:

"They had arguably the worst start of all three consoles this generation, but have undergone an amazing transformation"

Sounds more like the PS3 to me.
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bestgamer  +   1302d ago
I say the worst start because RROD was killing them. Granted PS3 has come a long way also. 360 has to be the most transformed console in history, if you compare the system software (dashboard) it had originally to what it has today, that user interface, all those extra features and services filled in, tight Kinect integration. And then the hardware itself overcoming the RROD, operating much more quietly, allowing full game installs from DVD and booting from USB drives. The list goes on.
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PoSTedUP  +   1302d ago | Well said
PS3 had a bigger transformation and is the most transformed in history, it basically started from scratch with the online this gen, look at it now... thats a huge step. it even added it's own huge social network PS HOME. then there's 3D, ps3 motes, it didnt even have rumble in the beginning, it didn't even have games cause 360 was getting them all. Sony added more First party developers and so many exclusive games, how many devs did MS buy and how many AAA exclusive games were funded? now all the extra features and services added in. psp and psV remote connectivity. now the TV that has the hologram split screen thing. not only are they the most transformed, they are the most innovative.
KMCROC54  +   1302d ago
Am giving u a bubble up vote just for standing your ground against the the red sun fans.
keke961  +   1301d ago
the gamers won this gen, straight up
Septic  +   1301d ago

You're giving Sony props for its so-called transformation of its online system?? If anything, this is the area where Sony fails. You say it started from scratch; who's fault is that?

Credit has to go to Microsoft for being as successful as it is now considering how it was such a new contender in the console race. People forget how Sony pretty much had a monopoly in the console market in the previous generation. People were scoffing at the one year lead Microsoft was going to have, thinking that once Sony came out onto the market, it would obliterate competition. It obviously didn't.

Let's look at the strengths this generation per company:

Nintendo: Brought gaming to the masses and popularised gaming beyond what many ever anticipated would happen. Gaming suddenly wasn't the past time of a few. The mammoth sales speak for themselves.

Sony: Quite a poor start but the PS3 really regained its ground in the later years. A slew of excellent titles and exclusives keep pouring in and more than make up for the deficit at the start. MGS and Uncharted are seminal titles and the likes of the Last of Us mean there is plenty more to come.

Microsoft: Started the ground running with lots of exclusives and really expanded on its online features. Xbox Live has really become its own and MS really did innovate when it came to the console; well thought out interface, sculpted feel of the controller, achievements, ever changing Xbox Live which social functionality that no console competitor can match. Great exclusives in almost every genre (although more are needed now). RROD was a disaster though (like the PSN hacking fiasco) but MS did rectify the situation somewhat.

This generation has given us the most diverse and brilliant gameplay experiences ever. All three consoles have something to offer and the sheer amount of quality games available is staggering. This generation also marked a true awakening of third party developers and excellent titles like Bioshock, Assassins Creed, Battlefield 3, Oblivion, Dead Space, Call of Duty just to name a few.

There's something for everyone this generation and thus, the real winners are gamers. If this trend continues on into the next generation, we're in for a real treat.
andibandit  +   1301d ago
PS3 was the biggest disappointment, 6 years ago i dont think anyone imagined the PS3 wouldn't live up to the legacy of it's predecessor. I wont deny that today i would pick a PS3 over a 360, but there shouldn't even have been a PS3 vs 360. Sony came from a dominant position and should've squashed MS, but a mixture of.

Expensive entry model.
Ridonculous launch games.
Non existant marketing.
Late Entry to market.
Arrogant minded approach.

Ensured that MS survived.

Sure you could argue that MS had problems with RROD, i could counter with
Credit card theft
mandatory installs
Constant updates
no x gamechat
70,000,000,000$ deficit
and deficit from having to give away free games after Credit Card theft and no online for 1 month.

but it's irrelevant. I just hope for the sake of gaming that Sony choses a diffrent approach when the next generation begins.

MS learned alot from the previous generation when they had their asses handed to them by Sony, and decided to switch strategy, and Sony decided to do NOTHING, thats how you loose.
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darthv72  +   1301d ago
There are multiple winners.
They just happen to be the different categories.

For the category of Technical abilities, the winner is: PS3 for its inclusion of the next gen movie format and advanced cpu/gpu design.

For the category of Marketing, the winner is: 360 for its over the top amount of $$$ put into advertising of multiplatform titles, kinect and non-gaming services.

For the category of units sold, the winner is: Wii for its sheer number of units sold to core (minority), casual (majority) and everyone in between.

For the category of entertainment value, the winner is: Gamers for being privileged to play such console exclusives as Uncharted, Mario Galaxy, Halo as well as a slew of great 3rd party multiplatform titles like Mass Effect, Bioshock,Assassin Creed.

Bottom line...we do not need a single solitary winner in a console war. There is room for multiple winners. Especially us.
AngryTypingGuy  +   1301d ago
I'd pick 360 as the winner too. Look at the positions of MS and Sony at this point in the last generation. Look at where they're at now. Big difference, huh?
Army_of_Darkness  +   1301d ago
If the 360 owners are happy with their console from then till now and think MS won this gen, then so be it.
from the RROD to Kinect. yeah, great beginning and end to this gen that the 360 totally deserves to win... Lmfao.

Wii won because of what? they sold the cheapest console available, No HD, with nothing but shovelware crap, a handful of good games, then bail out early to make a new console to catch up with current console power?! yeah okay. great victory nintendo. I'm sure your fans are very happy.

Now the PS3 at first had a ridiculous price tag, arrogant and barely any launch titles to justify that high price point. bluray was not enough to convince me to get a ps3 then because buying a bluray movie was ridiculously expensive and i mainly wanted it to game... The launch titles were not good enough either... But now, sony has completely done a 360 and convinced me how much they improved in every way. from amazing games that come out constantly to improved free online play to PS+ which I LUV! and even when it seems the other console is dependent only on multiplats, they continue to throw exclusive after exclusive still even when no one else seems to care anymore.....
so yes, I pick sony as the winner this gen so far because honestly, it's not even over yet.
PoSTedUP  +   1301d ago
"If anything, this is the area where Sony fails"

im glad i dont need to waste my time and explain anything to such onesided ignorant nonsense. and although i do give Ms credit, we'e talking physical console transformation, Not their success. so i am right and sony wins on that part imo.
Septic  +   1301d ago
@Posted up

How is what I said ignorant one sided nonsense? Someone please explain how this kid has 4 bubbles?

Physical transformation? What do you think I'm talking about?

You describe PS HOME as a 'huge social network', reference ps3 motes and vibration functionality the reasons for this so called biggest transformation in history??! Lol Wtf?!

It's unbelievable how much of a complete blind and hypocritical fanboy you are. As I mentioned in my first post, Sony had a monopoly in the generation prior to this one. You're giving it props for transitioning so poorly into the gen and then recovering from it?

I'm sorry but you're in desperate need of education and I just wasted my time and bubble trying to instil some sense into you.
ShinMaster  +   1301d ago
What credit card theft? That never happened, you *****.

360 required an install to get all the cars and tracks in Forza 4.
Battlefield 3 also required you to install to get decent textures.

Updates are a good thing.

And yet, despite all that, they're tied.
PS3 is one of the only systems that continue to deliver new IPs. But sure, you can try to spin that negatively.
PoSTedUP  +   1300d ago
you sound like you just disregarded all the huge points in my comment on the sony side, a good evasion tactic. your comment it completely one sided, and on top of that the things you mentioned in the microsoft transformation can't touch the incredible amount of molding Sony did this generation. i gave MS credit for things they did, but i honestly cannot make up a list for MS as innovative and big as sony's
TotalHitman  +   1302d ago
How does a console win a war? If it's by sales, then Nintendo won. If it's by popularity, that's difficult to answer. The Xbox is popular in the US and UK but the PS3 is popular everywhere else.
Hellsvacancy  +   1302d ago
The PS3 is popular in the UK, whos tellin you otherwise?

Everybody i know pretty much has a PS3, even those who dont use it to game
TotalHitman  +   1302d ago
I also live in the UK. Everybody I know has a 360. Even the casuals.
kneon  +   1302d ago
Nintendo is certainly leading, but as Yogi Berra would say "It ain't over till it's over".

We can be pretty certain the PS3 will continue to sell for many years to come, but we don't yet know what Nintendo and Microsoft will do after they launch their next consoles.
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AIndoria  +   1301d ago
Speak for yourself :P PS3 is popular in all of Asia (Live services are crap here so we don't get Xbox unless we really need Halo or Gears), Australia and Pretty much everywhere where we don't have uncle Sam trying to take over our country :P
Jazz4108  +   1301d ago
If you took a vote on a a xbox fan site then xbox wins hands down
There are more sony fans on n4g so sony will win here. In the actaul real world ms was a underdog and sony was a goliath and foranyone to look at the numbers and say sony won when they lost major marketshare are still in third place overall and hae went from a profit house to currently being worth 14 billion with only 10 million cash on hand and these numbers are recent as in today from business weekly. So anyways Nintendo won this gen from a numbers standpoint, ms would be second as they took on a powerhouse company and won a lot of there marketshare and that leaves sony in third. There is no other way to look at it other than to be a fanboy and I kept my comments out of this post and kept it facts. I expect to get many disagrees since I did not say sony won a. A site that favors sony but if I went to a ms site and said the same thing I would expect a lot of agrees. I just hope people will put aside fanboyism a second and look at the facts at company's marketshare and networth as a company at the start of this gen and where they are today 2012. My 2 cents worth:people on here would fight to the ends of the earth to prove that sonys ceo takes a bigger crap on a daily basis then ms ceo. Numbers don't lie but fanboys do.
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StraightPath  +   1302d ago
microsoft came as a underdog with the Xbox alongside well established gaming giants as Nintendo & Sony and look at where they are now. all three done great. Nintendo sale wise and first party games were great. Xbox dominants the living room media device and excellent games too. Sony done great with exlusives and a big change from its launch.

Overall Nintendo won business wise...afterall they do this to make money...nintendo made the most along with the ds and 3ds currently.
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Patriots_Pride  +   1302d ago
Sales - Wii
Popularity - 360
Exclusives - PS3
dafegamer  +   1302d ago
ok this post make sense but i thought that ps3 would be more popular actually
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guitarded77  +   1302d ago
I'll agree with that, but there needs to be an asterisk next to "Popularity - 360", and it needs to note popularity being in the US, because world wide 360 is not the most popular console.

As a gamer, PS3 is the winner for me. It has given me the most great games to play. Call me a fanboy if you want, but it is my winner this gen. I own multiples of each console, and don't shun the others because they too have provided excellent experiences, but if I had to choose one, it'd be my PS3.
Clarence  +   1302d ago
Very bias article. Its funny that he didn't mention the format war hd vs blu ray. Everyone knows how that turned out. Also as I recall the kinect sensor is not as accurate as he's making it out to be.

Sony has added a new franchise every year. The PS3 already had features that M$ is just now implementing. Wifi, web surfing, youtube, 3d, blu-ray which the new xbox might be getting, because M$ decided to use old format.


The only place the 360 is popular is in the US.
The year head start help the 360 get the lead, and RROD is the biggest F u from M$ by far. M$ knew the 360 had major issues, yet they released it.

Also the console war is not over.

As of right now NIntendo is winning this gen, because of sales.
mike1up  +   1302d ago
Aren't sales and popularity the same thing?
humbleopinion  +   1301d ago
Market share gained - Wii
Biggest game selection - 360
Most visionary - PS3
HammadTheBeast  +   1301d ago
@HumbleOpinion Wow really? Are you seriously going to say that? Name me 5 exclusives not including XBLA games or Halo, Forza, Gears etc. Please do. Ps3 has a much bigger game variety and library. I can name 7 rigt now. God of War. LittlebigPlanet. Uncharted. MGS 4. Starhawk/Warhawk. Resistance. Infamous. Killzone. heavy Rain. Need I go on?
DasTier  +   1301d ago
@Hammadtheone you realise there are actually more games avaliable on the 360? It's just there hasnt been many exclusive recently, back in its early life they were churning out things like Kameo, Banjo Kazzoie, Perfect Dark, PGR, however they didn't sell well enough to make money, and that's why m$ business plan changed to less exclusives which sell tonnes, also alot of the old exclusives were from Rare, and we no their now in the Kinect side of things, either way your either trolling or just oblivious.
humbleopinion  +   1300d ago
HammadTheOne, Why should I name just five? Take the whole list instead...

Metacritic rated/unrated game list:
360 -
PS3 -
Wii -

1737 360 games -
1371 PS3 games -
1201 Wii games -

Assuming you have basic math skills you are probably aware that 1737 is bigger than 1371 and 1201, and so I'm pretty sure you can't argue with these facts and numbers...

Plus, do you even understand how stupid it sounds when you ask me to come up with a game list but write something like "Don't include Halo, Forza, Gears etc."? What do you mean by "etc"? Do you understand that "etc" can count for any game whatsoever and therefore rule out any game come up with?
miyamoto  +   1302d ago
Console Wars: Who Won?
"It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over"

Sounds like this site need hits
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aceitman  +   1302d ago
The ps3 is in the under 2 million gap against the 360 . Hell give it props for coming out a year later and being a higher priced console. It's not over this gen for the hardcore systems . But the wii has this one.
Tonester925  +   1301d ago
Console Wars.. Who won?
The console that I bought and spend the most time on. My PS3.

I just refuse to pay for Xbox Live and my Wii just broke a week ago. Hmm don't care that much even though I want to play smash bros. Yea I miss that game already.

But the REAL WINNER is whatever console that you bought and enjoy. It doesn't matter which one it is and what people are saying in this article or comment section.

It's up to you individually.
Bowzabub  +   1301d ago
At my house it's Playstation 4 (2 PS3s, PSP & PSVita) Nintendo 2 (1 Wii & 1 3DS) and
X-Box 0. That's the only race I'm watching.
PoSTedUP  +   1300d ago
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Wintersun616  +   1302d ago
From a business point of view, on the console side both MS and Nintendo won by gaining and regaining a lot of market share while Sony lost a lot of it. On the other hand Nintendo is no longer the only notable competitor in the mobile handheld market, with PSP selling a handsome amount of +70 million it isn't all market share loss for Sony after all.

But for me personally Sony is the winner with PS3's game library, free online, PS+ & Blu-Ray.
stonecold3  +   1302d ago
i would go with sony on this one ?
mike1up  +   1302d ago | Well said
Nintendo won.

Nintendo not only made the most money, but they also forced Sony and Microsoft to adopt motion control interfaces. Like it or not, the underpowered Wii was a massive hit this gen.
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Hicken  +   1302d ago
I don't thin they forced anything. Yes, both Microsoft and Sony did add motion controls, but that was many years after their launches, and Sony at the least didn't go all-out with it. The Wii sold a lot, it's true, but it's also the first to get replaced, and is seeing the largest drop-off in sales currently.

Did they still win? I'd say so. As much as I'd like to give Sony the nod for overcoming a lot of hardships to be as competitive as they are, Nintendo certainly took and has maintained a rather commanding lead this gen. Of course, I don't believe the gen will be over until all competition has launched, and it's highly possible that the Wii could be in third place by then. But if we're talking about RIGHT NOW, then it's not too hard to say Nintendo is winning.

Edit: Really? They didn't overcome a negative view in the press and a much higher price point? They didn't overcome an early shortage of games and the overwhelming popularity of the other two systems to stay right in the race? The hack wasn't something they had to overcome?

And wasn't Nintendo the champ before Sony, the upstart, took the crown? Historically speaking, the winner of one gen isn't necessarily destined to win the next. In fact, except for 5&6, when has that ever happened?

Use your head before you comment. The proof of what I speak is right in front of you, assuming you have the eyes to see it.
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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1302d ago
As much as you'd like to give Sony the nod for overcoming a lot of hardships to be competitive????

LMAO... Sony was the 2 time Defending Champion. They aren't overcoming anything. Next generation they'll be overcoming the PS3, but they're not overcoming anything.

MS over came being the newer face and RRoD, yet in the end Nintendo won this generation.

Sorry dude.. I know you're SDF and all, but Sony didn't have to overcome anything this generation. They were the Champions.

Also.. this Generation doesn't end when all 3 are done. Are you kidding us? So you mean last gen is still going on because PS2's are still selling? That's SDF talk right. Defense.

This generation comes to an end soon. Real soon.
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mike1up  +   1302d ago
Agreed, this gen is not over until all 3 companies release next gen hardware. It will be interesting to see if Sony and Microsoft have any last minute surprises to finish strong.

Forced was a poor word choice on my part. I should have said that nobody really expected motion controls to become that profitable, it was "easy money".
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MrBeatdown  +   1301d ago

It's funny that you give MS credit for overcoming a self-inflicted and completely avoidable wound like RRoD, yet you criticize Hicken for giving Sony credit for overcoming their own issues, like price, or bleeding exclusives. What's the difference? Oh right, there is none.

What's even funnier is your nonsense about how Sony didn't have anything to overcome. I mean, they are in first place! Right? Right!? Being first place last generation guarantees you won't have issues next gen. This is why N64, GameCube, and PS3 all mopped the floor with the competition. Also, unicorns are real.

Then there is this gem you had to offer up...

"So you mean last gen is still going on because PS2's are still selling?"

This is why reading comprehension is so important. Hicken said... "Of course, I don't believe the gen will be over until all competition has launched" which is the complete opposite of how you took it.

Let's recap.
1. Hypocrisy
2. Logic fail
3. Reading comprehension fail

Bravo. You're doing the anti-"SDF" brigade proud.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1301d ago
"Anti-"SDF" brigade"

I'm using that from now on.
maniacmayhem  +   1298d ago
"Finally, if you're going to respond to what I have to say, at least have the balls to respond TO ME, and not NEAR ME. What are you afraid of?"

WOW! This is coming from the guy who was dropping names of people (including mine)he felt were 360 fanboys in unrelated articles?

You are a piece of work Hicken, I just love stumbling on to some of your rants.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1302d ago
"As much as I'd like to give Sony the nod for overcoming a lot of hardships to be as competitive as they are,"

Oh please, what hardship are you talking about now? They had 2 generations in a row they completely dominated but failed to keep that momentum. It was nobody else's fault but theirs. They decided to go with BLURAY and they decided to charge a lot of money to play a console game on. They also decided once again to create a unfavorable gaming system for developers who had to struggle with the hardware.

They still managed to outsell the XBOX360 year over year, so what hardships are you going to whine about now, the media treating them unfairly? How about you start leading by example instead of blaming the media while your own actions are 10x worse?

"Use your head before you comment. The proof of what I speak is right in front of you, assuming you have the eyes to see it. "

Yes, please do Hicken. It's hard to use your noggen when it's in Sony's rear all the time. How about you start acting like a real gamer from now on instead of playing your games where it's you constantly fighting a war that doesn't exist?

You know who won? They all won because they all managed to be very competitive this generation. You know who lost? The idiotic fanboys still arguing about who won.
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Hicken  +   1301d ago
You said a bunch of nothing. You know that, right?

First, I already outlined what I perceive to be hardships that Sony has faced.

Second, it's been said many times that last gen is no indicator of what will happen with the next gen. Sorry if that's tough for you to grasp.

Third, you didn't disprove anything I said, but instead supported my claims(saying that they made a hard to develop for system, and then saying they "still managed to outsell the XBOX360 year over year sounds like you agree they didn't have it easy), so what's really bothering you?

It's very hard to use a noggen, since that doesn't exist; maybe you meant noggin?

Anyway, the console war, such as it is, has existed longer than I've been gaming, if not with the same intensity. And you know what? It'll be around as long as there are different consoles; you trying to pretend it's simply the product of the fanboys' minds- when simple logic would tell you that fanbos are actually the product, not the producer- won't make it magically go away. These companies ARE in competition with each other, after all.

Or does that not really exist, either?

Finally, if you're going to respond to what I have to say, at least have the balls to respond TO ME, and not NEAR ME. What are you afraid of?
BrutallyBlunt  +   1301d ago
"These companies ARE in competition with each other, after all. "

Yes they are, that's not what i'm talking about. I'm talking about you, where do YOU fit into all of this? Oh that's right, holding a couple of pom-poms shouting from the bleachers 'I Love you Sony and i will fight for you Sony!'.

Get a life kid. They all had hardships this generation. Microsoft had to overcome the domination Sony had within the industry (just ask anybody trying to compete with a tablet against Apple or trying to compete against Nintendo and the handheld market). Instead Sony has mangaed to corrode their own name over the years and that hardship was mostly the fault of their own but you'll do a bang up job deflecting that all the way. Telling everyone to support Sony because they are the only ones that have exclusives for real gamers.

Microsoft had hardships too and they were their fault as well. Remember the RROD fiasco? That's a big hurdle buddy but did you put that into context next to your desire to always root for Sony? Nintendo had hardships too because the Gamecube flopped. The Wii was a major gamble and it paid off. In a world of high tech and online gaming them beat the odds, with poor relationships with 3rd party publishers too i might add. Electronic Arts were slow to support it because they believed Sony would dominate again. Other 3rd party publishers didn't have much faith in it either. The media you love to use as a scapegoat for Sony's hardships too didn't have any faith in the Wii either before launch just like they don't with the Wii U. But hey, it's just Sony they don't like right? What planet are you from anyways, PlaystationLand?

You're a lost cause, you know it, i know it and many others know it and those who don't are just as naive as you or are too afraid to admit it. Have fun rallying behind Sony while i have fun knowing they have no more or no less repect for you as they do for me. Why? Well because both of us are merely just customers and they don't pay people like you who are rampant of forums cheering for them all day long. I've got better things to do like actually enjoying my PS3 instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks or how the media treats the company behind it.

You don't know how to debate because your whole viewpoint is from a Sony fanboys perspective. Full of bias and totally out of context. One minute you'll go after someone for not talking about games on the Vita and attacking them for talking about other things Vita needs while you yourself will go into a topic about 6 JRPG's that would be nice upgraded additions to the XBOX360 and talking about something else because you don't even like the system so why list 6 games, right? Your whole viewpoint is skewed and it all stems from being a deranged Sony fanboy and the inability to see things rationally, normally and sanely.

So just skim over what i just said like water off a ducks back, put in your disagree because you ran out of bubbles and carry on to the next topic either defending Sony or going after someone who's being negative towards Sony. If only you got paid for your efforts.

There's an old say, don't argue with a fool because chances are some might not tell the difference. I'm done lowering myself to your level, you're a complete waste of time who has too much time on his hands. You're far too negative to talk to and it's actually quite depressing seeing what you post around here. You'd think since Sony is doing such a great job fulfilling your needs you'd be much happier.
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jessupj  +   1301d ago
I wish people would stop considering the wii when asking the question "who's winning the console war".

Yes it's a console, but it's aimed for a completely difference demographic. You can't compare me with a soccer mum or grandma.

I won't deny the wii's success, but people need to stop thinking it's in the same league as the HD consoles.
Ck1x  +   1301d ago
Only because its ahead in sales, now if it were behind the other two then it would be ok to include the Wii with this generation. That's like saying that the PSP or Vita aren't competing against the DS or 3DS for sells, because they both have more advanced hardware than the closest Nintendo system at that time. What failed logic on your part!
Kaos_Vll  +   1301d ago
so because YOU don't like it it's success should be overlooked? wtf?

facts are facts, sony and ms are BEHIND nintendo so let's just give them props for giving sticking to their guns and making a GAMING machine, not some wannabee livingroom entertainment unit that just happens to play games.
R_aVe_N  +   1302d ago
The gamers won
Ck1x  +   1302d ago
I agree with you whole heartedly and know where you are coming from with this comment. But the people here don't want to hear or think like that, because they need something to worship and brag about...
360GamerFG   1302d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
LX-General-Kaos  +   1302d ago
Nintendo has done a fantastic job dominating the videogame landscape for the current generation. The Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS entertainment systems respectively outsold competing consoles and handhelds. Both which have gone on to deliver new and exciting ways to enjoy videogames. New innovative ideas that were soon picked up by competing brands. Nintendo successfully delivered fully realized and supported motion control functions correctly.

Nintendo has successfully pushed for motion control functions, and futuristic dual screen action that has become standard in the gaming spectrum. Giving the Nintendo Elite supporter complete battlefield control in all forms of gaming and entertainment. The Nintendo business model this generation performed heads and shoulders above competing brands. Opening the flood gates to millions of non gamers around the world to give our beloved hobby a spin.

Last generation was dominated by rival forces. This generation when it comes down to numbers, profit, and all around success. Nintendo is the brand that rose to the occasion, and came out in the number one position in worldwide standings. Also delivering some of the highest rated awarding exclusive gaming experiences in the history of videogames.

Nintendo has ended this generation with an almost unstoppable momentum. Already delivering amazing results with the Nintendo 3DS entertainment system. And soon later this year with the next generation Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Which introduces a new way to experience Elite Nintendo gaming with the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system tablet control functions. Available later this year wherever videogames are sold.

Have a blessed day and happy gaming.

Rated E For Everyone
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SlapHappyJesus  +   1302d ago
internet war soon to come . . .

Anyway, 360 was my personal favorite console this generation.

The 360, despite not having the largest list of first-party or console exclusives, had the most games that I cared about - Alan Wake (personal favorite first-party game this generation), Metro 2033, Witcher 2, the Halo series, Forza, Divinity 2: The Dragon Knights Saga, etc.

I prefer xbox live, despite having to pay for it, if only for the fact that it's more aesthetically pleasing and is better suited for chatting with friends online.

Developers seemed to favor the 360 as their main development platform (should be pc, truthfully), resulting in a good number of titles that simply performed better on that machine. Obviously this isn't the case for all releases. It was the exact opposite for a number of titles as well. I am just speaking in general.

So, to me - the only person that matters - the 360 was my console this generation. And that's why.
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Dms2012  +   1301d ago
Its so predictable on this site, if I want to pinpoint a pro 360 opinion, I simply look for disagrees lol. Its true, you all know it.
BitbyDeath  +   1302d ago
Nintendo won, they managed to introduce a whole new market to gaming.

Can't really top that.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1302d ago
Obviously it's Tiger Electronics....

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn  +   1302d ago
The satisfied user. Me.
darren_poolies  +   1302d ago
If you go by sales then Nintendo won. But I couldn't care less about sales. PS3 won in my opinion just by the sheer amount of awesome exclusives it has had which I have played and loved.
blackblades  +   1302d ago
Nobody won yet, cause the war is not over until all 3 discontinue production,
on another note wii got the most sales doesn't matter, ps3 got the best games that what counts and that a win.
BitbyDeath  +   1302d ago
Last man standing wins?
Gridloc  +   1302d ago
I guess the war is over. No more reason to say mines better. Just play what you like too and shut up...
BitbyDeath  +   1302d ago
If only it worked that way...
SlapHappyJesus  +   1302d ago
This will never, ever happen, sadly.

People aren't mature enough to respect other's personal opinions.
mike1up  +   1302d ago
Agreed, I tend to go a little overboard myself.

I do, however, believe that there is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. After all, with the exception of dignity, console wars never have any casualties.
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stephmhishot  +   1302d ago
I think Microsoft won this generation, going from afterthought to changing the way the average persons approach what they want out of a console. They managed to push their agenda and force Sony and Nintendo to adapt and respond to their gameplan.

It's clear that MS views the games as a necessary part of the Xbox entertainment experience, but its only an aspect of it. Kind of like how smartphones still make phone calls even though that "feature" feels like an afterthought. If the rumors and speculation about the next Xbox being subsidized by cable companies as a cable box are true, we'll be witnessing the evolution (or devolution, depending on your POV) of game consoles. Sure they want to sell millions of copies of Halo, but in the end, they'd rather see you buying music and movies and TV shows and turning the Xbox name into something that is synonymous with an iTunes, Google Play or Amazon marketplace.

Nintendo made their money, and came in and went out in a blur, but its hard to say they didn't have a hell of a ride, selling the most consoles, thanks due most in part to being the cheaper option, but still providing some unique experiences along the way.

Sony entered feeling a little bulletproof, but got humbled. But that was good for gamers, as we got one of the strongest lineups of first party exclusives ever. I think so long as Sony keeps their missteps this generation in mind heading into the next era, they can rebuild their reputation amongst the mainstream, while still managing to be the "kinder, more gentle" Sony we have seen the past 3-4 years.
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thrashermario  +   1302d ago
Oh_Yeah  +   1302d ago
i liked and hated things about all consoles this gen. in terms of bang for your buck, ps3 by far won.

ps3 good; exclusives, chargeable controllers, free multi player, blu ray, changeable hard drive, browser

bad: lacked wireless N speeds, no party chat

xbox 360 good: wirless n speeds, party chat, jtag

bad: lacked exclusives, no chargeable controllers included, no free multi player, no blu ray, no changeable hard drive other than ms, no browser, no wifi without paying for the adapter at first

lol all i had to do was switch the lists around and put no. i own a 360 but only because its jtaged and i can put pc mods on it, i agree xbox is better but only if you have a jtag. a regular ps3 vs a regular 360? lmao ps3 all the way
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ExCest  +   1302d ago
Wireless N isn't accompanied by internet speed. It comes with wireless transfer speeds. Your internet determines your internet because your internet is the internet. Your router isn't the internet.
Oh_Yeah  +   1302d ago
wtf are you even saying right now?, i know wireless n is about wireless transfer rates. downloads are faster on my xbox 360 slim which has a wireless N adapter, about twice as fast as my ps3 download rates which has bg. something like 4 mbps vs 2 mbps.
Thats why 360 downloads quicker because of the wireless n card in it right?
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xCaptainAmazing  +   1302d ago
Who won? They all lost. Each had minor successes amidst many failures. I honestly couldn't pick a winner.
oakshin  +   1302d ago
the wii won easy why?

95 mill units sold plus they have sold each wii for a profit from day 1 360 and ps3 was sold for a lose when the wii first came out it was 250$ and still it was sold for a profit

personally i got a wii in 2006 throwup on it gave it to my mom and got a ps3 and havnt looked back i have a 360s and my brothers geting that cuz its useless to me at this point but thats me

edit: alil fyi this isnt sony vs microsoft its PlayStation vs xbox look it up the playstation makes money the xbox loses money......................... ....
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Gridloc   1302d ago | Trolling | show
cstyle  +   1302d ago
props to Microsoft for pulling out a stunner this generation.
DarkSniper  +   1302d ago
There is absolutely no question as to who won. When it comes to quality exclusive content, online interactivity, reliability, and brand recognition PlayStation®3 is the undisputed champ this generation.

What we have witnessed is the first three-peat in gaming history. Since the mid 90's Sony Computer Entertainment have dominated the industry by providing the consumers the richest content that has never been duplicated.

This generation, Sony Computer Entertainment pulled off the impossible by going from 3rd place to first place since the PlayStation®3's inception in 2006. As it stands today, PS3 has usurped the Nintendo Wii and made a laughingstock of Xbox 360 by leading the market in total worldwide console sales year by year. Even in the present moment, PlayStation®3 kills the competition on a worldwide basis.

This means that the brand name of PlayStation is as strong as it's ever been. During the rough economic times, consumers have found the price friendly structure, ergonomic design and the complete package that Sony provides to be the ultimate interactive device for all gamers of all ages.

Dark Sniper knows he placed all of his eggs in one basket for a reason. Those eggs have hatched into an unstoppable force in quality software for the gamers. With upcoming titles such as Beyond, The Last of Us, PlayStation All Stars:Battle Royale and many others, PlayStation Nation is set for another decade of dominance as it was and should be.

Now is a great time to be a part of the PlayStation ecosystem. With their organic environment that blends the line between reality and virtual reality, there is no reason why you shouldn't own a PlayStation®3 Home Entertainment Terminal.

StreetsofRage  +   1302d ago
HOLY SH*T!!!!! For realz?
cstyle  +   1302d ago
"This generation, Sony Computer Entertainment pulled off the impossible by going from 3rd place to first place since the PlayStation®3's inception in 2006."

You are delusional. The only thing sony is in first place in is money lost. They actually have gone from 1st last gen to 3rd this gen. Which of the 3 had to replace its CEO and who is in financial trouble? Don't kid yourself dude. Sony gave us great games but they are in a bad position because they are in the red and it doesn't look good at all.
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PCGamingNoobs  +   1301d ago
playstation isn't in financial trouble one bit. all the other sony departments are in money trouble because no one buys sony bravias anymore or there speaker systems and that kind of stuff.

the Playstation department and sony entertainment (movie and music) departments are making money. why do you thing they have just sold off a massive chuck on there TV business to samsung, because they cant make it work at the moment. but theres nothing wrong with there profits in gaming hardware and software!!!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1302d ago
LOL you crack me up dude. I like reading your comments.
Dms2012  +   1301d ago
I guess you are an exception to my earlier post, sometimes people disagree with a post because of its sheer idiocy, regardless of console allegiance. You really need to seek therapy and maybe some meds.
tiffac008  +   1302d ago
I have to go with Nintendo. They were not the king the last 2-gen and did not have the deepest pocket. They had the smallest margin of error to make and they did it with a splash with the Wii.

Who would have thought the WiiMote (which confused a lot of people when it was unveiled) would be the driving force that would let the least tech heavy console to lead this generation.

Of course its not going out with a bang but when people look back at the history of this generation. The number of console unit sold will be the main thing that the majority will probably notice and not who won which battle.
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mochachino  +   1302d ago
Nintendo but they're in a bad position now, they sacrificed long term core gamers for short term casual gains. Those casuals are probably playing Android and iOS games now while the core just don't care that much about Nintendo.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   1302d ago
PS3 hands down for many reasons
JonnyBigBoss  +   1302d ago
PS3 had the most features, games, and best graphics. It gets my vote.
StreetsofRage  +   1302d ago
The Playstation name isn't unbeatable like it once was. The ps1 and ps2 completely dominated the market. You can combine the Xbox and Gamecube TWICE and still don't get close to the domination of ps2.

The PlayStation name and Sony for that matter *was* KING!

And now the present...

Nintendo and Microsoft have both tripled their market share and have been wildly successful in their gaming division. Sony on the other hand, have been stuck in last place this entire gen and have not seen the same financial success as the ps2.

The ps2 used to dominate certain genre's but now they're behind the 360 and multiplats. Forza was critically acclaimed and took the crown for best auto sim game from GT. Halo is still a top dog in the FPS genre and fighting multiplats like COD and BF for top spot. Sony on the other hand tried with Resistance and failed. Their top dog Killzone's multiplayer is so low in numbers that they are offering it for free.

All this talk about the bluray having all this extra storage? Well where is it than? Where are the exclusives that use it to the fullest? Tell me a game that is bigger than Skyrim or GTA4 and a Sony exclusive? Is it Twisted Metal? Socom? Infamous 2? Starhawk? Playstation All Stars? How about the Uncharted trilogy? A great trilogy but a game that is extremely linear and short.

Sony and it's fan for the most part have been all talk and no action.

Sony as a whole just isn't the powerhouse they used to be. Their tv's are stuck somewhere in the middle behind Panasonic and Samsung. Tablets? Cell Phones? Mp3 players? They're all in the bottom on the list. Move and Vita are arguably a flop while Kinect and the DS rack up the $$$.

I own a ps3 for the few awesome exclusive it has, but the fact is it's not the same powerhouse as it used to be.... the numbers don't lie.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   1302d ago
Funny the made up "war" isn't over yet (I guess). So far the Xbox and PlayStation are semi even in sales so technically a tie between those two, right now at least. But the Wii won overall, Its simple cheap concept sold almost 100 million units. But then again that doesn't really matter since nobody talks about it let it alone plays the console anymore.

So its a tie between Xbox and PlayStation at the moment.

EDIT: For whatever reason that's unknown to me, I will get disagrees so please tell me why. I know people disagree out of practice but I want a full logical explanation at least do me that favor.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   1302d ago
Same with me.

I make it perfectly clear that the 360 being the better console is entirely my opinion.

I then backed it up with points. Clearly stating that my points make sense to ME, and that's why I listed them.

Still, the ignorant masses disagree in droves because, god help me, I apparently don't share the same opinion as them.

I guess it is easier for the less eloquent to simply 'scream' "NO", in the form of clicking a button than it is for them to actually form an argument or, god forbid, simply respect the separate opinion of another person.
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Ck1x  +   1301d ago
It just comes across delusional to think or say otherwise what the theoretical console wars have always been about. Over the past generations, its always been about the sales lead. So now things have changed and people want to make it about game exclusives, or which system do you play the most right now! That still doesn't negate the fact that even though the Wii was underpowered, low tech, $250 and received none of the most popular franchises this generation. That it sold as well as it did in the face of very stiff competition. Its not that hard to admit facts, just like its not hard to say that Sony dominated the 2 previous generations before this. But this generation Sony had the most to lose and they did... Sony lost marketshare to both Nintendo and Microsoft. They lost the exclusive 3rd party relationships they had with PS2 and they lost some branding loyalty in the process as well. Sony losing big title games like Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter to Nintendo in Japan surely didn't help much either.
SITH  +   1302d ago
People here missed the thesis of this article (first paragraph) and read the last paragraph and ran with it.

"After six years of fierce competition it is clear that there were no losers in this battle. Each of the platform holders essentially had disparate levels of success, making for a healthy industry. I do however have a winner in mind, but first I will list some of the pros and cons of each."

The pros of the Xbox 360 exceed the pros of the other consoles due to its contribution to gaming, and entertainment. Nothing in the thesis is focusing on time frame or sales volume to decide the winner.
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