The 5 Best Dark Knight Games

As The Dark Knight descends upon movie theaters,check out his best video game adventures.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2348d ago

betch ya can't guess what's in 2nd and 1st place

WeskerChildReborned2348d ago

It's too obvious that the Arkham series would be in it.

NukaCola2348d ago

I played a Batman game on the Atari Lynx that was really good side scroller title. Could of been the same one from the consoels but on handheld. I can't remember if it was Batman Returns. I ought to check on that.

I really would love to see Rocksteady give Spawn a good game for once. I think they could easily nail that.

Auron2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Thats the Genesis ver. of The Adventures of Batman and Robin. the Sega CD ver. isnt a beat em up its a combat driving game and it sux major and it is in no way "The definitive version."
Batman Returns for the SNES should be on the list now that was a great side scrolling beat em up.

gamejediben2348d ago

Batman Returns was easily one of the best licensed games of the 16 bit era. It's a damn shame not to mention it.

WillGuitarGuy2348d ago

Pardon my french, but I f^cking loved Batman Forever on the genesis as a kid. I don't know why people bring it down so much. Maybe I was just used to MK games at the time that I liked it. :/

Spacemagic2348d ago

Batman on NES was not a bad game...neither was Batman Returns on SNES...