How To Quickly Unlock The Amazing Spider-Man’s Alternate Costumes

Symbiote. Future Foundation. Traditional. There are lots of familiar costumes in the Amazing Spider-Man. Here's how to get them.

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LackTrue4K2342d ago

what the hell is on the spider-man next to last right!?! looks like Rino 5hited on him or something.

DryPancake2342d ago

I can't quite remember what comic he was in but it's where is DNA was altered and he became more Spider than man, psychically changing his appearance into a grotesque monster.

LackTrue4K2342d ago

OOOO....ya!!! i think it was called Man-spider. really don't resemble him at all. they should of added an arm or 2.

sourav932342d ago

That's the cross species spider-man. You unlock the costume after finishing the story.

Source: Platinum'd the game.