Dengeki Playstation FFXIII and Versus Scans Preview

Previews of the new FFXIII and Versus articles from Dengeki Playstation Magazine have been released.

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Pandaren003744d ago

two major magazines releasing FFXIII/ Versus scans in the same week. =)


sajj3163744d ago

they wouldn't be releasing this much unless they are hyping for an 08 release in Japan. I know they want an 08 demo to show off the new battle system but if they release this baby in 08, it would truly be megaton!

kurochi3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

if they release this MONSTER of a game in 2008, Japan and EU is Sony's (hands down, no arguments from anyone). I'm not so sure about NA, but with the addition of MSG.... NA would be in the pocket books for Sony also

Fanboys of 360 and Wii, this is the truth, I'm not flaming the war. I just don't see any possible way that the Wii or 360 can trump Sony's hand this year (It's a Royal Flush if I might add).......

Pandaren003744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

But since it's two biggest titles, SSBB & Mario Kart, will be released before June, there will be no reason to buy a wii until christmas after those releases. Wii fit will sell well in Japan, but it is the wrong demographic for America and Europe, America especially. So wii fit's release in the West won't be anything special. In this nintendo respite, Sony will release its biggest titles of the year, and with the inevitable price drop to 299 during this year, the ps3's media capabilities and AAA games will no doubt steal the would-be Wii buyers because of all the publicity the ps3 gets this year.

I DEFINITELY would not be surprised of the Wii is grossly overstocked by october because of the lack of sales.

n_n3744d ago

at least for a 2008 release in Japan and a Q1-Q2 release in 2009 for the rest of us! 2008 already has enough blockbusters for the PS3... as much as i want both FFXIII's i wouldn't be upset at an early 2009 release for it.

hazeblaze3744d ago

Well early 2009 just sounds the most realistic. I'd love to see it in time for the holiday though!