Quicksave - Devil May Cry 4 PS3 Demo Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"The Devil May Cry 4 demo was released for the PlayStation Store earlier today and for me, it was probably the first great demo of 2008. (Burnout Paradise demo be damned.) The demo should be quite familiar to those who have been following DMC4's development; we finally get to play what the rest of the press have been playing since TGS 2006. Is it everything I hoped it would be? Or is it DMC3 tweaked and in HD? Answers to follow, my dear readers."

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akaFullMetal3738d ago

graphically speaking, i think it is on the low side a bit, i thought this would look better than this, not saying its the worst thing i seen but i thought this would be a bit more eye candy than this, still a top notch game, just not what i expected graphically.

SullyDrake3738d ago

I swear, there must be about 5 or 6 different impressions of this demo up now. Why not compile them into one article and update it as more are released?

Well, myself, I can't wait to try this demo out on PS3.

akaFullMetal3738d ago

i agree, not that i dont enjoy hearing about the demo, but everybody here can just download it and check for themselves for the most part, 99 percent of you guys can check it out, im done seeing 7 articles on a demo.

akumous3738d ago

To my disappointment, it was the same demo that was hitting the street from since the game announced back in late 2006 or early 07, same exact demo. The difference is minor, we have a time limit instead of none..Many are saying the 360 one is better, well if that is true only a couple things could come to mind.

1. Capcom is lazy, true Capcom fans knows this, so that being said this probably a old build demo that is now available to us, and the 360 demo is more updated.

2. It's a demo, so we should reserved our judgment until the final game, after all it is just a demo.

3. If it is true the 360 one has a slighter edge, who bloody well cares? This is Capcom's first official PS3 game and in time they well get around it.

4. I've already have this baby preorded and no one going to defer me from it..

Skerj3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

The only edge the 360 version has over the PS3 version is the ability to use Custom Soundtracks, but that can only be attributed to the system's capabilities. I'll be picking the PS3 version up anyway because of the controller feels more natural to me, which will come in handy moreso when you play as Dante.

The style switching is done with the DPad and the Sixaxis/DS3 DPad is superior to the 360's and is better positioned for quick switching and getting back to control of the character movement. As much as I love the custom soundtrack on 360 (adds a whole new atmosphere to the game) I'll just wait for ingame XMB for the music aspect.

That said, the demo kicks so much ass. Nero has so much at his disposal and is already a deep character with the little upgrades we were given for the demo.

I just started practicing IRing, and after that I'll try to see if I can jump cancel from an aerial rave using grim grip to snag an enemy. I'm so happy that the combat system has remained as deceptively complex (maybe a hell of a lot more in the full) as the last game in the series. I don't see how people could slag it.

lesferdinand3738d ago

"As much as I love the custom soundtrack on 360 (adds a whole new atmosphere to the game) I'll just wait for ingame XMB for the music aspect."

I don't understand the whole 'custom soundtrack' thing. Like in movies, music is selected that fits the look and feel of the game. Putting different music in the game ruins the experience IMO, like you won't go playing your own CDs to replace a movie soundtrack.

If the sound track of a particular game is bad or gets annoying fast, that means the game as a total package is bad and I won't spend money on it. But TBH, I can't remember having played any game in which the sound track started to bother me before the gameplay did.

BubblesDAVERAGE3738d ago

I just got done playing it...and the verdict is its not that much different from the last games.(next gen come soon)plz

n_n3738d ago

the graphics are nice but nothing mindblowing (yet) and my fingers got cramped a bit from all the button mashing. (one of the things i need to get accustomed to) other than that it's sweet... looks better running on HD then seeing all that bs video comparisons and screenshots. those don't do it justice. so far so great and i'll be buying this game day one.

right now i'm getting hooked on PixelJunk Monsters

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