5 Great Video Game Soundtracks: Which Are The Best Of All Time?

Forbes - I probably haven’t played enough games to definitely say which video game soundtracks are the best of all time, so I’m going to pick a few that I really like and then hand the microphone to you, dear readers.

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PoSTedUP1747d ago

road rash 3D ps1, ssx tricky, ssx on tour, bournout paradise, defjam fight for NY. imo

MrKingofVideoGames1747d ago

dude, how can you have a TJ & E avatar and not put that on your list?

PoSTedUP1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

hahah true that. now that you mention it that sound track was SICK, but i guess i was just thinking of actual songs, all the games i listed have a sound track with really good popular hits.

but not only that, racing while annihilating people off of their bike while jamming out to "mean machine" by Sugar Ray

doing insane tricks to the sound track of SSX tricky and then when you busta move "trickey" by run DMC starts playing etc.

the sound tracks to those games were not only good songs but were implemented with the gameplay sooo awesomely and perfectly.

MurDocINC1747d ago

Zelda:OoT best soundtrack ever!

VINNIEPAZ1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Im going with Mega Man 2

My standout favs.....

Metal Man Stage
Air Man Stage
Crash Man Stage
Wood Man Stage
Dr Wiliy Stage
Even the Ending has a great tune

GuyThatPlaysGames1747d ago

My top picks:
1. Final Fantasy 7
2. Mass Effect 1
3. Metal Gear Series

Sephris1747d ago

No "One Winged Angel?" This guy is clueless. I heard a group of 8 year olds playing it on their phones to one another the other day. If a 14 year old game soundtrack is still being picked up and loved by the newest generation, then it needs to be on the list. The noob who wrote the article probably lived in his mom's basement, forever friendless, to not have heard of it.

pandehz1747d ago

One winged angel is pretty epic :)

Sephris1747d ago

Not hating on Mezzo though. The article itself was good. Two thumbs to you Mezzo!

user54670071747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Final Fantasy VIII...that Soundtrack is just amazing and is so unique compared to other Final Fantasy games. The music goes well with scenes and the theme song Eyes on me goes well with the romance between Laguna and Raine/Julia and Squall/Rinoa. It's better then any other FF games soundtrack....yes even FFVIIs

Hicken1747d ago

Definitely my favorite soundtrack of all the FFs, and one of the favorites in all of gaming.

Others include Castlevania:SotN, Ridge Racer 4, and Nier, along with pretty much any game with Shoji Meguro's music(particularly Persona 3).

1747d ago
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