Machinarium coming to Vita, ESRB rating revealed

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed their rating summary for Machinarium, listing the Playstation Vita as one of the platforms for the adventure-puzzle game.

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PS4_day12050d ago

awesome game, I played the pirated version on pc and got stuck, I'll buy it and give it another try on ps3

Tomonobu Itagaki2050d ago

You got stuck? Really?
I mean, Machinarium uses a very simple tips system so when you get stuck, you can get indications about what you have to do. Very casual-friendly.

Yi-Long2050d ago

... it will be cheaper for that machine.

BrutallyBlunt2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

It's currently $5 on Steam, how much do you think it will be on Vita? It's a great game that's gotten lots of praise, nice to see it become more widely available.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2050d ago

console gamers pirating on pc? lol ok..

Yi-Long2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

... It's 5 bucks right now for Android (thus for the OUYA version).

I certainly expect the PSN version to be at least 10 bucks.

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Sanquine902050d ago

Nice love this sort of games/

psp2roundup2050d ago

Probably, I mean Plants vs. Zombies was around that price on Vita, and its a $3/4 on iOS and Android.

HarryMasonHerpderp2050d ago

Never played this, always wanted to though.
Will pick this up if it's a reasonable price.

jujubee882050d ago

I really do want to play this game; only reason I do not on the PC is because my PC set-up is not optimized for gaming.

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