Assassinations get hardcore in Halo 4

Destructoid: "Halo 4 will see the return of Assassinations, but 343 is adding a little more to the feature depending on what multiplayer mode you're playing. During the Halo 4 panel at Comic-Con, 343 showed off a Capture the Flag specific Assassination where the player slammed his opponent into the ground, and then finished him off by driving the flag pole through his chest. It should also be noted that the flag carrier was dual wielding a pistol. Yes, flag in left hand and pistol in the right hand. Finally."

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Sephris2256d ago

Loved the oddball assassination! My own skull hurt from watching it!

Sgt_Slaughter2256d ago

Oh my god duel wield with the Flag?! FINALLY!

Cerberus292256d ago

Yeah, I got more excited about that than the assassinations they were showing off (although those were pretty sweet too)

clarkjudo2256d ago

With all the add on armor features for your suit. Which you spent time trying to get. Its nice to be able to view them in gamplay more often. And more the Assassinations the better anyway. :)

Swiggins2256d ago

Played Halo 4 at Comic Con, the best assassination I saw was when I was sprinting and jumped into an assassination, my Spartan tackled my opponent to the ground before sticking a knife in his skull.

Did another one where my spartan spun my opponent around before smashing him to the floor with a fist and curbstomping him to death.

Freaking Epic.

TotalSynthesisX2256d ago

Glad they're finally letting us use a gun while holding the flag. I hope it stays sidearm-only, though. It would suck (and be highly unrealistic as well) if a guy got the flag and could still use his rocket launcher one-handed.

robavila952256d ago

It would be perfectly possible for a Spartan, but of course that would jeopardize the game's balance.

Intentions2256d ago

What i've heard you can only have the magnum. =D

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