An Open Letter to Nintendo

WC writes: I love Nintendo, always have and always will. From the day I got a SNES and Mario Paint for my fifth birthday I have been hooked. If I had my way the release date of the N64 would be a national holiday. I got a paper round just so I could save up for a GameCube at launch and my collection of Nintendo systems, games and memorabilia is the stuff of dreams. I never needed anything else in my life, Nintendo had me covered, but a few years ago something strange happened, I bought a PS3.

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Jadedz2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

That was one heck of a, "Dear Jon" letter.

live2play2339d ago

haha xD

but seriously if i were nintendo

with the amount of hate nintendo gets... i wouldnt open it

it might be filled with anthrax or something

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miyamoto2339d ago

Nintendo should have made more games for the Wii & DS like they they did for the SNES long after the PSOne launched.

It could have made the systems last longer like the PS360.

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mike1up2339d ago

Yea Snes had some fantastic games towards the end of it's life cycle, no doubt. On the contrary, we are currently late in the life cycles of the PS360. Their games are looking fantastic, and Nintendo needs an upgrade.

I think that Nintendo has learned the significance of launching first. Look at the 360, or better yet, the 3DS vs. Vita.

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omarzy2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

This is the problem with NOA, and SCEOA. The wii and ps2 still pop out fantastic games over in japan. psp is still supported there, and basically any console that sells more than 50 units a month is supported. The UK also got a crap load of wii games that the us did not. I feel the wii was "killed" by NOA. I don't get why she said the wii died after 2009. I played Mario galaxy 2, donkey kong country returns, skyward sword,xenoblade chronicles, monster hunter tri, few kirby games, sonic colors which is great, tatsunoko vs capcom, little kings story, few trauma center games were released after then, red steel 2,no more heroes 2, The Last Story is releasing soon, sin and punishment, rune factory. these are some wii games i have played in recent years. plenty of stuff imo. Less than ps3/360 because they didnt make 10 sequels for each of these. The wii is a great console, you just gotta know the games.

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