40 Best Supporting Video Game Characters Ever

WC writes: Video games are awesome, we all know that. They allow us to escape the dreariness of so called real life (except The Sims obviously) and become someone else for a little while. But what defines video games, alongside awe inspiring shots of things blowing up, are the characters within. Most of the time the hero or main protagonist is the one we love the most, Master Chief, Commander Shepherd, Mario etc. But sometimes perhaps it is the lesser characters, the supporting cast, good and bad that makes a game truly stand out and come to life.

This article contains a selection of our favourites in a non-specific order:

*Warning the following article contains the occasional spoiler – marked thusly *SPOILERS* so be on guard. If you haven’t played these games and think you might, bear in mind that we don’t have those flashy things from Men in Black so if you read it, you’re screwed forever!

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zeal0us2193d ago

Tails,Clank,Otacon,Daxter and many more should of been on the list but overall it was good list.

smashcrashbash2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Exactly. How can you have a list like this and leave out Clank and Daxter? Daxter was practically Jak's mouth piece in the first game and Clank was Ratchet's tool and closest friend

Bercilak2192d ago

Where was Steven "Don't call me Steve" Heck?!

He was the quirkiest, funniest, creepiest, most original NPC I've ever encountered with the *possible* exception of HK-47.

user54670072192d ago

Some of these are in the wrong order...I mean someone like Amander from TR before Sully from Uncharted or Cortana from Halo. Then Captain Price a typical soldier grunt ahead of most of them in the list....

Yet no Elena of the best side characters in a game this gen. A female character which actually manages to be likable and down to earth while saving Drakes ass a ton of times...usualy it would be the other way round but not for Elena :)

AusRogo2192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

Daxter is by far my favourite! Edit: and Haggard from Bad Company lol

NukaCola2192d ago

Mi internet is running super slow tonight so I didn't load the page. Apologies for not knowing whats on there but I have to give some props to Sam from Evil Dead Regeneration which is my favorite Evil Dead game. He was voiced by Ted Raimi and was a funny little deadite who added to the brilliant game.

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