Games That Make Us Go "Meh"

The crew at Twinfinite gather around to explore the games that leave them with indifference.

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StrongMan2347d ago

I went "meh" with Bastion as well.

ChunkyLover532347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Probably because its not on PS3 and so you haven't played it.

Bastion was a fantastic game.

I get it now, this is a troll article. L.A. Noire, Metroid and Bayonetta on a list of "Meh" games is just looney.

PoSTedUP2347d ago

seems like troll, but hes just stating his opinion. my meh list would be Borderlands, MWF2, socom4 (im the 2nd biggest socom fan). motorstorm apcoloypse (i only played the demo but just the fact they are no longer in the dirt and mud setting was a complete turnoff, pass). halo3 (not into halo really, it was meh for me).

kB02347d ago

Opinion isn't trolling, this isn't a fanboy war clearly....

Bastion is available on PC as well, without the need of any hardware intense computer...

The article makes some good points, but I on the other hand enjoyed bastion a lot!

ChunkyLover532347d ago

Check his comment history, he trolls everything that has to do with Microsoft and anything that isn't PS3.

If opinion isn't trolling, then I wouldn't have been moderated and bubbled down by saying I thought Metal Gear Solid 4 was a mess of a game.

TekoIie2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

StrongMan is a troll in most of his other comments, but that doesn't mean he cant state his opinion in an article that pretty much revolves around someone's opinion and encourages people to post their opinion.

Btw i thought Bayonetta was meh. Guess im trolling right? How could someone dare to say that a game that got brilliant review scores sucks?/s

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EastBayPunk2347d ago

this article makes me say "meh"

r212347d ago

bastion meh?! no way is this game meh :L

PhantomTommy2347d ago

Metroid and Bayonetta? If he finds those two "meh" then I'd love to see what games he actually enjoys. Must be mind blowing.

kafe2347d ago

It's a collection of the opinions of different staff members, not the same guy.

PhantomTommy2347d ago

Oh I didn't even see the little pics and names! That's not so bad I guess. My mistake.

omarzy2347d ago

Metroid,Bayonetta, and skyrim are meh? I will admit that Skyrim was not what i expected after oblivion, but it is not a meh title.

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The story is too old to be commented.