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Games That Make Us Go "Meh"

The crew at Twinfinite gather around to explore the games that leave them with indifference. (Bastion, Bayonetta, L.A. Noire, Metroid, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wii, Xbox 360)

StrongMan  +   769d ago
I went "meh" with Bastion as well.
ChunkyLover53  +   769d ago
Probably because its not on PS3 and so you haven't played it.

Bastion was a fantastic game.

I get it now, this is a troll article. L.A. Noire, Metroid and Bayonetta on a list of "Meh" games is just looney.
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PoSTedUP  +   769d ago
seems like troll, but hes just stating his opinion. my meh list would be Borderlands, MWF2, socom4 (im the 2nd biggest socom fan). motorstorm apcoloypse (i only played the demo but just the fact they are no longer in the dirt and mud setting was a complete turnoff, pass). halo3 (not into halo really, it was meh for me).
kB0  +   768d ago
Opinion isn't trolling, this isn't a fanboy war clearly....

Bastion is available on PC as well, without the need of any hardware intense computer...

The article makes some good points, but I on the other hand enjoyed bastion a lot!
ChunkyLover53  +   768d ago
Check his comment history, he trolls everything that has to do with Microsoft and anything that isn't PS3.

If opinion isn't trolling, then I wouldn't have been moderated and bubbled down by saying I thought Metal Gear Solid 4 was a mess of a game.
TekoIie  +   768d ago
StrongMan is a troll in most of his other comments, but that doesn't mean he cant state his opinion in an article that pretty much revolves around someone's opinion and encourages people to post their opinion.

Btw i thought Bayonetta was meh. Guess im trolling right? How could someone dare to say that a game that got brilliant review scores sucks?/s
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EastBayPunk  +   769d ago
this article makes me say "meh"
r21  +   769d ago
bastion meh?! no way is this game meh :L
PhantomTommy  +   769d ago
Metroid and Bayonetta? If he finds those two "meh" then I'd love to see what games he actually enjoys. Must be mind blowing.
kafe  +   769d ago
It's a collection of the opinions of different staff members, not the same guy.
PhantomTommy  +   769d ago
Oh I didn't even see the little pics and names! That's not so bad I guess. My mistake.
omarzy  +   769d ago
Metroid,Bayonetta, and skyrim are meh? I will admit that Skyrim was not what i expected after oblivion, but it is not a meh title.
dirthurts  +   769d ago
Bastion was a freaking fantastic game!
Anyone who says that, hasn't played it through.
InTheLab  +   769d ago
Bayonetta...only extreme anime fans could possible enjoy that drek. The only positive for that game was the combat. The story, dialogue,horrid jPop music, recycled bosses, insta death qte's... Extremely overrated title.

I thought Skyrim was just plain boring. The only fun I had was fishing out all of the inexplicably tough bears and murdering the laughable easy Dragons...
Hicken  +   768d ago
How did anything you claimed to hate about Bayonetta relate to anime? Do you even watch the stuff, or are you another person who takes whatever's the most popular in the public and assumes it's all that way? Hell, even J-pop- the only Japanese-specific thing in your list- is rarely used in anime.

The game is supposed to be over the top, like Devil May Cry and WET, and it excels. If you think all that action and craziness is "meh," that's your opinion, but the generalization of who likes it is pretty bad.
palaeomerus  +   769d ago
In todays sad world of amateur blogger video game journalism a list of 'games that make you go "meh"' is what passes for news or content.
kB0  +   768d ago
When handing in a piece of material on this site, it clearly states Opinion Article as one of the options.

Please stop complaining about People expressing their opinions, if you were half the user you say you are you'd write your own article about your comment and hand it in...instead of complaining on a comments section just to see the agree number go up under your comment.

oakshin  +   768d ago
i agree with metroid and gears 3 i own a orig Nintendo and metroid and the 2x in my life ive tryed to play through that game the uber long save codes glitch and i have to start over(same thing happens with my copy of Castlevania 3 the save code breaks but i love that game)and gears feels like on disk dlc

edit: about gears of war in my day(not trying to date myself) movies got worse with sequels and video games got better gear of war did the opposite
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PirateThom  +   768d ago
In terms of big games, I can definitely get behind LA Noire. Amazing LA recreation, amazing ideas, but it went on for too long with there just not being enough to do.

Also agree with Skyrim. That game just feels like an unrewarding grind from start to finish. I "finished" it and put quite a few hours into it, but I just wasn't that enthralled with it.


Crysis 2
Grand Theft Auto IV
Mass Effect 2 (but not 3, bar the ending, thought it was a much better game)
RAGE (I think I played for 30 minutes before giving up, boring.)
Resistance 2
schlanz  +   768d ago
Assassin's Creed

ALLWRONG  +   768d ago
L.A. Noire was one the most boring game I ever played.

Rage looked good and played great but overall meh

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