New UT3 Patch 2 Internal Beta Changelist

While it's not released publicly - not even to server admins yet - the guys at Epic are currently internally testing the first beta of Patch 2. The changelist is currently as follows:
Increased UTGame MaxPlayersAllowed to 64.
Fixed leviathan turret instant refire exploit.
Fixed errant lock on warnings when no longer in vehicle.
Fixed first person weapons in demo playback.
Fixed translocator telefrag victim message.
Fixed encouragement sounds not being randomly picked by bots.
Implemented viewobjective spectating system for Warfare.
Fixed berserk held by driver applying to all vehicle turrets.
Only force low gore on German versions that were low gore only before being patched.

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Omegasyde3804d ago

This is a PC fix. None of these issues are present in the PS3 version, and the PS3 version is long over due for a patch.

Vulcan Raven3804d ago

Ps3 version with split screen.

redwingsrock3804d ago

i would love to have split screen in ut3 for my ps3, i want a death match with Bots for split screen cause no game on the ps3 yet has that it gets kinda boring just playing 1v1 on split screen

Ju3804d ago

...they should also add web browser support in the menu screen for the PS3 version to download mods within UT3.

Mattearl3804d ago

i would sure like to have a patch for the PS3... would be nice...

INehalemEXI3804d ago

Wow 64 expectancy now. 2.09 seco....HEADSHOT!!!Doh!


64 player online would sell the hell out of this game.please send over the fix for the online frezze while using mods.UT3MOD.COM!