FPS Genre in Trouble! In Need of a New "Step-Up" Innovation

"First person shooters; a popular form of gaming. Players have beckoned for quite some time for something new, if not revolutionary, or at the very least evolutionary from the creators of FPS games. Are the developers throwing this genre down an unclimbable hole by not giving more life to their games and fans rather than another "point and shoot" pieced with some cutscenes and call it a game? First person shooters could eventually become a thing of the past if the envelope isn't pushed a bit further, the players could soon lose all interest by playing this repetitive form of gaming."

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jacksonmichael1976d ago

Obvious stating will get you no where.

WeskerChildReborned1975d ago

I've been slowly losing interest in FPS games so if their was something innovative and interesting, i might pick it up.

Xof1974d ago

FPS Innovation 1: using the mouse to aim.
FPS Innovation 2: vehicle gameplay.

No real change in the genre in 10+ years plus oversaturation... I'd accuse you of being brain-damaged if you weren't losing interest by now.

Dark111975d ago

Just let this Genre die already.

dcortz20271975d ago

That would be the best thing to happen to gaming ever, FPS games like COD have killed many "once good" game series/franchises! It's sad really..

Ravenor1975d ago

Planetside 2

Red Orchestra 2

Arma 3

Yeah the glorified corridor shooter (Pretty much every console shooter) is getting boring, but the options available for amazing online FPS is pretty long on the PC. Hell, Shattered Horizon, Natural Selection 2 and Nuclear Dawn. You don't find boat loads of games like NS2 and Shattered Horizon.

Hufandpuf1975d ago

Shattered Horizon is a definite. People say they there are too many modern shooters, but they hardly look at what's going on on PC.

Add Hawken to the list because that is a FPS mech game.

Just get rid of Red Orchestra, I got bored of that in exactly 10 minutes (in Single player that is).

beerkeg1975d ago

No one really plays Red Orchestra for the SP though Hufandpuf.

Ravenor1973d ago

I really loved Red Orchestra as a mod and thought Ostfront was a pretty decent retail release. RO2 was a complete disaster at launch, but since then the game has slowly developed into something resembling RO1.

The MP is definitely worth a second look.

stragomccloud1975d ago

Need a new Metroid Prime! Those games can never get boring. ...though those games are technically classified as FPA(First Person Adventure).

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The story is too old to be commented.