Borderlands 2: six things Borderlands experts should know

OXM - If you haven't been following Borderlands 2, this isn't the best place to pick up the basics. Pop over to our last Borderlands 2 feature, then flick back to this when you're ready for the Hard Stuff. Diehard Borderlands fans? We proudly present six facts worthy of the talent that dwells within you.

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strange19862347d ago

Sweet baby jesus, this is going to be a hell of a good time.

DivineAssault 2347d ago

Im really looking forward to this.. I think i want this game more than any other that was shown @ E3... & i hate shooters but the rpg elements combined with the looting makes this shooter much more appealing.. so many awesome guns

jessupj2347d ago

That gold key dlc would severely piss me off.

TheSaint2347d ago

It's a pre order bonus.