Xbox 720 Predicted As Smart TV Challenger

The long-rumoured ‘Xbox 720′ games console could yet take up a number of forms (including rumours of a ‘split console’ release), but a prediction from an external analyst could touch on an issue which no-one in his position has yet given full thought, with claims that the new console from Microsoft could be a genuine reason to not purchase a smart TV set for homes.

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WeskerChildReborned2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Another prediction from Pachter....

How do we know that the next gen Xbox will even let you watch tv?

joab7772261d ago

It will. They already have or are close to deals with cable providers. U can already get HBO go, ESPN. It will be an extension of windows 8 on your TVs. And if the specs are right, it is being built to be able to handle multiple entertainment at the same time. And it will have a dvr. I expect a $99 model too but I also expect another model because many gamers do not have control over their cable subscription. But, I do wonder how Microsoft is able to broker deals with cable companies that already have the majority of gamers as customers. Unless it is one provider like time Warner. Oh is. And time Warner and Microsoft are considering buying activation. OMG! I just had an Epiphany. Money over Apple and Google, Microsoft/TW are gonna rule the world. If I get a deal on an Xbox and my cable subscription/ internet subscription with road runner, I am down. But time Warner isn't everywhere, yet. So, it may not be available to everyone.

WeskerChildReborned2261d ago

Oh well awesome if they can get Xfinity cause that's what i got :D.

Persistantthug2261d ago

Sony, for example, has a sort of deal with DIRECT TV.

What if that and other services (DISH) expand to consoles and/or other set top boxes?

Just kicking more options to you. :)

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Mikhail2261d ago

well the ps3 already does. this in Japan. That is why sony release the nashe add on there.

Dlacy13g2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

For all those saying he doesn't know what he is talking about.... AT&T already has software that lets the 360 act as another tv receiver. AT&T makes you pay extra for it as its not in their subscription plan. That said I am sure they would happily entertain a monthly fee for a new box that could do more and help them keep subscribers. This easily is a possible future.

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