Joe Danger 2: The Movie And WWE Wrestlefest Releasing On August 29th?

With a little bit of perusing on, I noticed that a trio of different Xbox Live Arcade Games had release dates posted.

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BringingTheThunder1959d ago

i'll be broke after summer of arcade so it doesnt matter to me

Yi-Long1959d ago

... so I'll be waiting for Joe Danger 2.

Hopefully it will be as great as the first one.

cstyle1959d ago

This Joe Danger is exclusive to XBLA.

ChronoJoe1959d ago

It's thought to be a timed exclusive. Like a lot of summer of arcade games.

guitarded771959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Really liked Joe Danger, so I hope it's true... and finding it on certainly adds adds credibility. Unless the game was already announced and I missed it, this is news to me.

It has indeed been announced, I just never heard it. Anyway, August sounds good to me. Seems all the good downloadable games come during the summer when retail is crap.

DigitalRaptor1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Screw this developer. They ignored the people who bought their game and got them where they are today (PS3 gamers). No utterance, apology, or even acknowledgment. That's low. Hello Games deserves no-ones respect nor their money.