1up - Metal Gear Rising Hints at Better Things to Come

1up - A familiar callback answers some of our concerns about the game.

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AgreeFairy2196d ago

The only thing better would be this getting canceled and staying canceled this time.

HebrewHammer2196d ago

I think Konami forced Kojima's hand. I don't think he wants to have anything to do with it either.

With that said, I think it could be a kickass game! But in Metal Gear canon? Yikes...

Ultr2195d ago

bullcrap, Platinum Games is one of the best action-games developers EVER, they wont ever mess up a game!
you played Vanquish?
anyway I see how you are refering to it as a Metal Gear game, but man, its not like they are going to f up the MGS-lore they just want to go overthetop with this one, and thats fine!

TheKayle2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

r just fan boys upset coz something with the "metal gear" name go to xbox dont take them seriously...i think this will be a great action game :)